It’s been an insane week, let me tell you. I think there was at least one thing that happened everyday this week. So yay I have a legitimate excuse for my absence in blogging! 😛 (Just kidding. I did queue some posts, did you see? What do you think of the pizza recipe?!)


So last Saturday night Janet and I were going to get our drinking tolerance up by playing a Big Bang drinking game with their concert DVDs. We bought that big ass bottle of gin to make gimlets and a small bottle of vodka just to take shots. The night started off well enough, we made that chorizo pizza I posted about earlier this week,  (:P) and we played along to Big Bang’s The Great concert, which was their second concert and by then GD had his teeth fixed lol.

I think late 2006-2007 was when mine and Janet’s Big Bang mania really started, it peaked in 2008 but it was around this time that we became soulmates 😀 wow… it’s been seven years… it’s crazy how much time and what the Internet can do. Anyways, it just goes to show how long it’s been since Janet and I have touched anything Big Bang (let’s not even get started on KPop in general) there were a lot of songs where we just went, “What song is this? I don’t remember this song… what?” We are terrible VIPs lolol. Anyways if you ever want to play a Big Bang drinking game with their concerts here are some of the prompts I’ve devised (thus far).

  • male fan
  • weird fan outfit
  • bad engrish subtitle
  • fanservice
  • crying fan
  • turned on fan
  • obvious sexual pandering*

(* excluding all Ma Girl performances by YB BUT honorary shot is required when watching the Ma Girl performance for his solo concert, HOT.)

Now, this may not seem like a lot or it may seem like a lot to you but trust me… all these events are usually spaced really far apart so you can get through a whole concert without tossing your cookies. Janet and I learnt our lesson when we tried a Gossip Girl drinking game and one of the requirements was “plaid” and everyone wore plaid… *head desk* We forgot they went to a uniformed school.

Anyways, we’re playing along and we get to that nice stage where we’re happy and giggly and we know we’re on the precipice of fun times and bad decision times but there’s only one shot of vodka left in the bottle and we can’t waste alcohol so… somehow we started doing shots of gin. Which is disgusting omg, I love gin in COCKTAILS but it smells and tastes like poison so I don’t know why we keep doing this to ourselves. True, Janet and I use to shoot gin but those days were supposed to be behind us. Oh well. And now that I think about it we were chasing all of our alcohol with cocktails so I think we are definitely Europe ready and ready for Janet’s crazy Czech wedding.

We tried to watch YB’s concert next but it won’t play on my laptop anymore 😦 so then we started to watch Sex and the City instead which is always great. And somehow we ended up back on the balcony and I don’t remember what we talked about but we continued our saga about the CN Tower and the lonely switch boy who has to operate all the colours and he’s having an affair with his married older female manager. And then we were in bed and I don’t remember what we talked about but I’m sure it was great (lol sorry Janet) and the next thing I know it’s morning and I am dying. Like literally, dying. My head felt like it weighed 50 million pounds and when I had that first vomit session everything tasted like gin and when almost an hour later we finally dragged ourselves out of bed to McDonalds everything was too bright. The bus ride was the worst, it was bumpy, it was filled with noisy people and I don’t know how my head didn’t explode.

By the time I got to the McDonalds near my mom’s I was ready to puke till I died. I thought I might have gotten alcohol poisoning again, thankfully I didn’t!!! I had small fries and all that salt and carbs revived me slightly after puking my guts out in their washroom.

I didn’t feel 100% better until I had my mom’s pho nam bo vien in me. Pho is the best hangover cure of all time! I know the initial reaction is usually to go for something greasy like burgers or pizza but I’ve never felt better after it, I just feel gross ha, But pho is like a full restore from Pokemon. Thankfully I felt better because Helen invited me to go see the Game of Thrones exhibition at TIFF, I wasn’t going to go because I thought it was during the day time and I had to help my mom but it was at 8:30 PM and my mom said I could go fwee! It was also free which I didn’t expect but then when I saw the exhibition I understood why. I didn’t take any pictures because it was so crowded and everyone had their cameras out and all that flash was insane. We got to see Margaery’s wedding dress, the detailing was amazing. There were a lot of costumes from all the characters even Grey Wind’s severed head which I thought was a bit much. The pain is still too real lol. One of the funniest things was a wall depicting all of the characters that died, it probably shouldn’t have been but I did laugh at it. (As usual…) It was a really, really, small exhibition and the major draws was a chance to sit on the iron throne, the line up was ridiculous and also you could go into the elevator lift on “The Wall” which just shakes as you wear goggles looking at snow flying around you. Also a huge line up.

Afterwards we went to Jack Astors cause the Helens were hungry and we had some sweet potato fries, wings and guacamole. Soooo good. I love their wings even though their cocktails are totally garbage. All in all I just spent 12 bucks 8D

Monday and Tuesday were ridiculous as I just worked, especially Tuesday where I worked almost ten hours. Technically I didn’t have to but I need monies for my Europe trip soo… but on Wednesday Helen got hired at Starbucks! She’s going to be working with me and I get to train her on Wednesday for my 11 hour shift. -.- we also hired this other girl who’s more of a re-hire so we’ll see how it goes. Helen and I haven’t attended the same institution since middle school so this will be interesting. Afterwards we went to celebrate and I had my first experience at Bakerbots Baking. It was amazing and I’m taking Janet there today.


Captain Peanut with Niocella

I got the Captain Peanut cookie with Niocella ice cream and it was sooo heavenly. I can’t ever go back to those ice cream sandwiches that come from grocery stores. They use ice cream from Ed’s Real Scoop so you know it’s good! Honestly the ice cream tasted like the filling from a Bueno bar and the cookie was one of the best I have ever tasted. Hee, Kitty bought mine for me for getting her the job, which wasn’t even that hard because she is great and Ryan loves me. Afterwards we walked to Christie Pitts park, which looks a lot nicer now because there’s actual grass and foliage and we found the stone pizza oven that I always assumed was just a Toronto urban legend. But it’s real and you can book it to have a pizza party in the park! But only during the daytime cause Christie Pitts is kind of rapey at night.


Godzilla and Swedish Berry

Afterwards we were walking around and the plan was to eat Korean but then we saw Hey Lucy had 4 dollar Martinis, and as Kitty said, “Cause its Wednesday!” I got the Godzilla and she got the Swedish berry. These were really strong and as soon as I tasted it I thought it was vile and it just brought Saturday back even more. I don’t know why I thought this was a good idea.

Kitty and I started to peruse the menu and originally we were just going to get fries, but then this pizza description popped out at us:

chili infused Italian sausage, pepperoni, bacon and mushrooms with house tomato pesto sauce and shredded mozzarella

Just the description of all that meat was enough for us to place an order. The pizza was amazingggggg.


Sausage Supreme

It was really, really thin crust which I love and just loaded down with toppings. The bacon, was ridiculous, it was like they just sliced thick slices of pork belly on top. Sooo good. All I tasted was meat.

The next couple of days were just ridiculous at work, Nawal and I have been working 9-10 hour shifts all week so my next pay cheque better be beautiful dammit. On the plus side on Friday one of my favourite Starbucks customers said he’d help me out with my second job and so did this other customer named Tanya who is actually my guardian angel because she always seems to just swoop in and save my ass when I’m about to fail.

So… I guess that’s all folks! I have to go fold laundry, and do a quick grocery shop before I go meet Janet for Bakerbots and buying some essentials for my travels in August!

xx Cat

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