It’s exactly two months until I fly out of Toronto and start my trip around Europe.

I am trying really hard to not hyperventilate. It is not working. At this point I think I’ve bought all of the necessities I will need when I travel, now I just have to concentrate on just adding to my money pile. I am pretty excited, but I’m still pretty stressed about money. I don’t think I’ll get fully excited until I see a big stack of cash in my account then I can breathe freely.

Until then I will exist in a state of near panic.

I’m pretty sure I have bought all of the essentials for my trip like space bags, roll up water bottle, first aid kit etc. I just have to buy some Tide mini packs, plugs for my adapter (I just don’t understand why they don’t sell it all in one???) and travel insurance (which I really don’t want to lol)

I also have to kind of work out what CLOTHES to pack. So far all I’ve got is my dress for Janet’s wedding, a casual dress, two maxi skirts, my denim vest and like four tanks. Oh and one pair of denim shorts. I probably need a pair of pants or maybe some leggings and jeggings. A tshirt or two… oh right my swim suit… should I buy a pair of sneakers? My sandals are really comfy and go with everything. I’ll pack a pair of flip flops for those communal showers because ick. Oh right and I need to pack a towel and pjs and undies and bras… wine opener…

Then there are toiletries, soap, shampoo, conditioner, toothbrush which I’ve already bought cases for. All my creams… make up… face masks… tampons…

Can someone pack for me? Can someone make a concise list for things I absolutely need for a month away?


2 thoughts on “075

  1. onebag.com has a great checklist for what you really need for travel:
    I suggest you leave one maxi-skirt at home. That’s a lot of heavy material to carry around. Leggings may be worn with skirts, and also under pants if it gets cold. Also consider a pair of jeggings instead of jeans as these will be lighter and dry quicker when laundered. And don’t forget a sweater/jacket in case you get a cold day, as well as a waterproof ran jacket (that is packable).

    • Hi! Sorry for the late response but thanks a lot for all your advice and for linking me to that site. I totally forgot that I should pack some jeggings, I’ll get on that ASAP. Thanks again ^^

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