Hey y’all,

It’s been almost a month and a half since I was present here and basically it’s all the usual stuff that would keep any blogger away. Work, laziness, family dramz.

I’m trying really hard not to think about the fact that I fly out in 21 days. I mean, I’m not nervous about the trip itself anymore it’s just localized on (as always): money. I’m trying to stop obsessing about it and seeing numbers in my head because what will be, will be and I’ll make the best of it.

I did all of my school stuff already like paying my deposit and asking all the right questions so I’m good! I finished all of my OSAP stuff so all I’m waiting for is approval of the student loan. If I don’t get it I’m not coming back. I’ll be a Starbucks barista in London lol.

Anyways I’ll queue up a few posts today detailing some of my adventures like how I ate a whole brick of butter and survived plus a few book reviews and recipes or whatnot! Ha I guess you can say this blog is back in commission after that “vacay”?

I’ve been working like crazy and pulling a lot more 13 hour shifts than usual, plus I worked like six days in a row last week because of World Pride. That a was a lot of fun and my worst nightmare came true when I spent ALL DAY on bar! It went a lot better than I thought it would because there was so much bar support. Everyone at Church & Wells was super nice. If I had to choose a store to phantom or transfer to it would be that one. I loved everyone there. Plus the tip counts would be way higher with all those old white queens that live there.

I know I said I would try to limit eating out as much as possible but there’s a new restaurant that opened in Toronto called Fat Pasha and they have AMAZING hummus! Plus it’s very reasonably priced so I didn’t feel terrible about it.


Pastrama shwarma and hummus

I went with Janet for my first time because she was in town to get some papers done. We had the lunch menu which was fantastic. I always forget how filling hummus can be because it’s literally just carbs. It was soooo good though!


Nutella Babka

For dessert we had the Nutella babka which is basically nutella bread pudding in maple syrup, walnuts, vanilla yogurt and something else I forget. It was amazing and only afterwards did I learn that it counted for 91% of our daily fat intake. Thank God Janet and I split it then!

Afterwards we went up to Yorkdale to buy some inserts for my shoes and we spent the day wandering around the mall. We went to Crate and Barrel, Pottery Barn and William Sonoma to look at all the things we want but cannot afford. It was fun to try out all the couches and look at all the furniture and kitchen utensils. I fell in love with a couch from Crate and Barrel called the Verano sofa which is the comfiest thing I have ever been in. I want it. I neeeeeeed it. When I can buy that 3500$ sofa then I know I’m at a good place in my life lol.

After that day I thought I was verging on being lactose intolerant after my three cheese gnocchi dinner but it turned out it was just food poisoning so it’s all good! I don’t know what I would do if I could no longer eat dairy… cheese is my life!!!

A few days later Helen and I ended work at about the same time and she wanted to hang out so we headed back to Fat Pasha so I could try their dinner menu. We ended up walking the wrong way and I got to show Helen Frangipane, the bakery Janet and I discovered when we went to Playa Cabana.


Buttery goodness!!

They have these amazing short bread cookies that just melt in your mouth. They’re all really tiny so you don’t feel too bad while eating it. This time we got the brown sugar shortbread, a chocolate caramel sandwich, chocolate chew thing and that walnut diamond thing that Janet loves. Clearly, I know what I eat.


Gribenes & Lamb Shank hummus!

Fat Pasha’s dinner menu was much bigger and they had hummus topped with gribenes (fried chicken) and lamb shanks! The meat was so crispy and tender and their hummus was as good as ever.


Soooo much hummus goodness!

I can now safely categorize Helen with my friends that order too much food thinking it’s a good idea. Helen and I forgot how big these actually were (even while sharing) and the fact that we had just eaten cookies. Plus we had ordered another dish….



We got intrigued by this sandwich that featured liver, boiled eggs, gribenes, horse radish, cabbage and onions on some challah but we didn’t know what schmaltz was until we asked which turns out to be rendered chicken fat. Once we heard that we knew we had to have it!


The challah was so thick and perfectly crispy and soft, our waitress mixed everything up for us but left the whole bottle of chicken fat on the table lol. Which was tempting to just add more because like Helen said, “We paid for that whole bottle!!!”

I’m not a big liver fan but it was in the consistency of pate which is the only time I ever enjoy liver. It was sooo good, everything was so smooth with nice crunchy texture from the gribenes and there was so much flavour!

Alas we had already eaten too much so we were DYING. We each managed a slice of challah each before asking for it to go.


Deftly mixing in some more schmaltz

We sat for a bit to digest and the bottle proved to be too much temptation so Helen gave it another go before we got it wrapped up. It held up really well the next day when we both had it for lunch. The gribenes was still crispy which was really impressive!!

If you’re ever in Toronto I definitely suggest hitting up this place. The service is really great and it’s super low key and the food is amazing!

Anyways I have to get back to my Saturday chores and making a list of things I still have to do for my trip mainly: get travel insurance, go to a doctor and get my hair cut!

Hope everyone is doing well!


Frappucinos bringing all the people to the yard~

P.S. It was “Partner Appreciation Day” a couple weeks ago and Kevin made this gorgeous wall for us and we all pulled silly faces (except for me… that’s how I really feel at work lol) I think it’s my new favourite thing at work.

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