I’m writing to y’all from Paris!!

This seems really soon to be blogging but it’s only 11:30 AM here and I’m waiting to check in.

I am exhausted. It’s currently only 6:30 AM Toronto time so I’ve been up almost twenty four hours. I want to die. The flight was super uncomfortable. I’ve never flown ~internationally~ before so I guess when they say economy they mean economy. Luckily I got a window seat but the middle seat went to a really cranky old man. He kept grumbling about how he knows how fish feel now and it was hard trying to get anything stowed under the seats. I’ve only ever flown around Canada and the US and I guess I’m just use to roomier seats.

This trip has definitely gotten off on the wrong foot.

List of tragedies:

– I lost my iPod whilst *in* Canada still. I don’t know how, I definitely had it with me when I left my apartment because I threw it into my hat along with my phone. I have my hat and my phone and I have no idea where the iPod went.

– The charger for my camera battery has been relegated to the universe where my season 1 dvd and wine opener disappeared to. Living in an apartment sucks.

– Before boarding the plane my water bottle exploded all over me.

– I went to pick up my ereader only to find that it is now somehow broken. The screen is messed up and I can only read the bottom page of all my books.

– Already got scammed outta five euros. I was walking to the metro and I lost track of the Korean girls I was trying to follow and this chick cornered me asking me if I spoke English, I tried to lie but she heard me asking this dude for directions to the metro. And then asked for some donation to deaf kids. I tried my damn hardest to get out of it but bitch would not let me go so I gave her the five euros and fled.

But hopefully that’s the last of it.

Besides all of that it’s been going okay so far. Riding that Roissy bus into Paris was amazing. I got super pumped just looking at all those buildings. I wish my phone didn’t die because they were all so gorgeous. I guess that’s what I’m doing tomorrow!

I can barely bring myself to properly blog… I am dead tired. Only two more hours and I get a bed! Check in is at 2 and it’s almost 12 here…

I guess I should go out and explore but to be quite honest I’ve nearly spent a whole day’s budget just trying to get to this hostel and I am dog tired. I would definitely not be alert to any more scams or pick pockets. I just want to curl up in my borrowed bed and sleep tbh


Have a picture of my in flight meal.

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