It’s 8:48 AM in Paris and I’ve been up for an hour now, I just got an email from my mom and it made me cry lol wtf is wrong with me???

It’s crazy because she sent it just as I was about to wake up and for that brief period we were both awake at the same time and this is so weird for me because I didn’t think I’d actually care this much??? I’ve never been this far away from home before or for this long.

And it’s just little details in the email about life back at home and I’m already a little home sick and how do you cry in private in a hostel???

Okay, I have to stop being such a baby.

Hi my favorite child,
I guess this time you are still in bed (7.a.m in Paris)  I know you are not a morning person since you were a baby.  Anyway I missed you a lots.  Going home see your empty bed then I realized you have grown up.  For 25years you’re always by my side now you are in Paris with someone……Someday I hope you and I and Daniel will travel together.
Daniel complaint his heels hurt for standing up. No one wants to play at his table because they think  Daniel bring bad luck.  No one win.  So Daniel just stay there and get pay. Haha.
You send pictures without you in there.  What’s the point?  I can see Paris pictures in Internet.  Next time send picture with you in it, ok
How long will you stay in Paris?  I did not know your travel schedule.  Try to blend in with people then you will be safe.  if you can’t speak French much when in trouble, try to find any Vietnamese in Vn restaurant.  A lots of viet people live in Paris.
Your dad try to open your tax file but he couldn’t.  Have to have the software that run the file.  He said it in your computer when you file your tax.  He will check again if not he will send you email
I wish I know more english to express my feeling.  Pls just be careful and alert when travel at night.  And be good too.  I miss you, baby.
I have to go to sleep now because I have to wake up early in the morning to cook pho. 
Keep in touch

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