Hey y’all,

Worst blogger ever reporting to you live from my hostel in Rome where I am surrounded by all my shit preparing for my flight tomorrow to Athens.

I thought all this travelling would be a high point on the blog and after that it will be back to your scheduled whining about my school and work life…

I should probably focus more on my packing as I’ve been pretty lazy with it as I’ve just been taking trains and they are not as strict with their luggage restrictions as planes are but I have to take this moment to get some stuff off my chest.

I am overdue for three posts, one on Venice, one on Cinque Terre and one on my time in Rome and possibly another one on the rest of my time in Paris and I promise I will get to them… I’ve been so lazy with editing my photos lol.

This trip did not turn out how I expected it to be. It’s not terrible, I have had some really amazing times (Cinque Terre was magical) and I’ve had some bad times (looking at you Venice) and I’ve seen some truly amazing things and I’ve met some nice people but it still didn’t turn out how I thought it was going to be.

Would I take this whole trip back? Of course not. I have definitely learnt a lot about myself and the things I value in my life… I don’t think I’ve gone through a drastic change (except my tan haha) but maybe it might manifest itself more when I’m at home.

That’s the other thing, home. I think about it everyday and a part of me cannot wait to get back to my beautiful multicultural city (that’s one of the things that I really miss!) and yes, even the TTC. Not overly impressed with Paris and Rome’s metros but it gets me from point A to B.

I have 21 days left in Europe… that’s three weeks! How is that possible? I feel like I’ve been gone forever but I’ve barely left I think.

Things I’ve learnt so far on my trip:

1) I don’t like travelling alone.

It can be lonely as hell, especially when everyone that I’ve met has come with a friend or they are here visiting friends and they’re not looking for any new ones. I haven’t made any connections with anyone and just seeing people with their friends make me miss mine so much more.

Also, seeing people with their families. I never thought I’d miss mine so much (heaven knows they drive me crazy) but I’ve only gotten like two emails from my mom and I can barely think about them without starting to tear up.

A truth I finally settled on in Venice: The worst thing about travelling alone is knowing that everyone who loves you and cares about you is thousands and thousands of miles away. And you are in a crowd of millions but you are still alone. Wi-Fi and everything does not make anyone feel closer, it makes them feel even further away.

God I don’t even care if when I land back in Toronto I’ll still be on Europe time, I’m dumping my stuff at home and flying to go see my mom. I need a hug from her so bad. I want to talk to her and joke around with her and tell her everything that I’ve done.

Another thing, every time I went somewhere or saw something or tried something I wish that I could share that experience with her. I know she wants to travel to but she’s unable to because she’s busy being my mom. God did anyone read that article about that girl taking a cardboard cut out of her dad with her around the world?

I was in floods in the shower at the hostel. Which incidentally is the only place you can cry in private.

I love travelling, I just don’t like it alone. I am thankful for this time though, I get to manage my budget and stuff on my own so that was nice. But I keep telling myself that home will always be there, and I just force my home sickness somewhere deep down inside me. Is this just a thing that first time travellers get?

(Okay to be honest that is the only serious “truth” I’ve learnt about travelling, everything else is superficial.)

2) Living out of a suitcase sucks.

There’s no other way around it. Ugh. I hate lugging things around.

3) Travelling isn’t really a “vacation”.

Depending on what your idea of a vacation is. I find it to be A LOT of work. Walking around all day for hours visiting sites, navigating directions and stuff … yeah that’s work. It’s fun work but work nonetheless. To me, vacation means being able to lie down and doing nothing if I feel like it. But I constantly feel pressure from my hostel mates to act like I’ve gone out and done stuff too. Even though some days I just want to stay in bed and watch Pretty Little Liars. My back and my feet hurt damn it!

I hate cramming everything in such a short space of time. That’s one of the perks of travelling alone, I can stroll at my own leisurely pace especially since I’ve got so much time … but I hate packing everything in everyday. I know I will come back to all these places, I intend to with some of my friends and having an entirely different experience.

4) Prepare for the unexpected or be overly prepared

So my plan was Paris, Nice, Monaco, Venice, Cinque Terre, Rome, Athens, Santorini, Mykonos, Prague.

My plan actually turned out to be: Paris, Venice, Cinque Terre and Rome.

Now my plan is going to include a trip into Serbia and Hungary! Then Prague.

5) Pack half of the shit you think you need but bring twice as much money.

Anyways, that’s just my little spiel on how I’ve been doing and to help get these feelings off my chest. I’m going to continue packing and continuing to loop Taylor Swift’s “Fearless”. Even though it doesn’t really have anything to do with my situation I love this song and maybe it’ll inspire me.



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