This week will be the most social I’ve been since I got back from Europe lol. I’m forcing myself to be social because I can feel myself turning into a hermit. I’m going to Andrea’s birthday brunch on Saturday which will be fun and then possibly meeting up with the girls that night. I’ll be seeing Helen anyways and I’ll hang out at the art gallery for a few hours which is pretty great so I’m looking forward to Saturday. A lot.

I got to hang out with Janet yesterday which was nice. I haven’t seen her since Prague and we went to Fresh off the Boat for their infamous soft shell crab sandwich ❤


It was bomb as hell omg. I don’t like crab but I really love softshell crab? IDK. It’s like my thing with apples. I don’t like the fruit (except granny smith with brie) but I love apple juice, pie etc. I like grapes but hate grape juice (except wine ha) etc. etc.

I missed 104 because we were talking about things going on in London/Toronto/PLL but that’s okay because the important thing is that I went to lab and learnt that we have a quiz next week and got all the info on the quiz from lab anyways so yay that all worked out.

I’m treating this whole Janet in London thing as a test run on what it’s going to be like when her husband moves to Toronto haa. Like I’ll see her but it’s not like the past couple years where we saw each other all the time and drank together all the time. And basically all the time. Now it’s going to be some of the time and that’s cool too.

I only have two group projects left this semester thank God and one will be done by the 18th so I cannot wait. My last group project is going to be all the way till the end of the semester and I don’t mind because that’s the only group that I fully enjoy being with. This whole semester was just me counting down my group projects and I’m happy I was able to complete two of them without actually meeting up with the members themselves.

Struggling to go through my 104 brochure homework right now… god school makes me feel so incompetent. I’m scrambling, scrambling, scrambling. I ran out of my blistex in September and I haven’t had the chance to replace it so I’m stuck using RAW which is meh but it’s there and I feel like that sums up my life right now lol. I’m half there and half incomplete.

I just want to survive semester one. That’s all.

I’ve started using eye cream again, and I don’t know if it’s because I’m not use to having stuff on my eyes or if I’m actually always anxious/nervous/sad but I’ve felt on the verge of tears for two days this week. What do I have to cry about? What is so terrible about my current situation? I’m in a school I worked my ass off getting into, okay I don’t have /friends/ in school but that’s okay because I have friends outside of school.

Also got into a huge fight with my little brother last night. It was so stupid and it revealed such an ugly side of him that I had never seen and it was just heartbreaking to realize that. I have known him for all of his life but now he’s totally morphed into a total stranger and I just… I don’t know. It wasn’t just the fight that makes me upset but the realization of that is who he is (at this moment? hopefully he changes?) and I just remember who he was.

I have typography in like two hours, and while no one likes the professor I kind of like her? Okay, it annoys me when she uploads her slides on BB with half the content missing and the information she says in class doesn’t translate to what our lab instructors say but I don’t know, I just like her.

We started proofreading and it’s incredibly hard in some ways but easier for me in other ways. Prof M saw me doing it and she told me I was proofreading too much like a publisher/editor and that honestly made me so happy? LOL that’s what I want to do damn it. But she said I should try to break that habit because it blinds me to things a “printer” sees and told me to read the text backwards so I can spot mistakes in the leading, typefaces, font styles etc. etc. I got almost all of the obvious ones but okay the leading I missed because I still don’t 100% get leading, and no I did not catch that the first “r” in “carried” was Times instead of Times New Roman. But whatevs.

My favourite class is my elective which is Short Stories. We don’t write short stories which I’m half relieved and half disappointed about? If I had to write a story for every class I feel I would have had a break down already but it’s interesting reading about them and learning about the genre. My next elective is comedy and tragedy and to be honest I want to drop all of my GCM courses for more ENG ones. Sigh.

I want to be more social and more positive and be able to balance work, school, social life and not feel like I’m half drowning everyday.

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