Things I’d like to do:

– Achieve a 4.0 this semester (lol but lbr not gonna happen I’m probably going to average out at best)

– Get better at answering people’s messages/texts/tweets

– Finally blog about my trip/edit photos

– Plan a workable route for the next time I go to Europe

– Not get so bogged down by February/March/November blahs

– Bond more with my profs

– Be more consistent with learning Italian

– Keep up with word of the day

– Have a clap back game as strong as Amber Rose’s

– Be able to werk my eyebrows like Queen Cookie Lyon

– Be a more consistent blogger

– Eat more snacks, less heavy meals

– Grow something

– Stop overthinking things and self editing. Be Louise with a dash of Tina.

– Really work on my GoodReads account

– Put more money into my savings

– Toronto crawl

– Visit more used book stores

– Start that BSC/SV snark

Things I want to buy

– A new Kobo

– A new camera, preferably a MILC

– An instant lomography camera

idk, blah day, blah time, blah everything.

Image source: http://blogs.yahoo.co.jp/naemura8819/26611433.html

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