It’s labour day which always feels like the first September to me even if it isn’t. I was just outside in my balcony looking at the surrounding streets and there’s this feeling of being folded away. There’s an anticipation in the air because school starts again tomorrow. It’s not super heady because the amount of people who are excited/nervous about the first day tomorrow; whether it be starting school for the first time or its the first day of university, your masters, doctorate whatever, that’s being balanced out by everyone, including those uni freshmen, masters, doctorates etc feeling weary and slightly comforted about going back to school.

(the comfort part being the rules of school are pretty clear unlike life. If you do xyz you will fail school but if you do abc you’ll be okay.)

Anyways, and even if you’re done school or not going to that feeling never leaves you. I don’t know if that’s good or bad.

It’s so ridiculously quiet and… Not still, poised. Like a diver before the jump. It was so weird, standing on the balcony I could feel all those kids being tucked in and see all those returning students lay out their outfits, pack up their knapsacks, and just… Like I could feel ll their muscles tensing, that extra deep breath they take, that feeling you get when you look at your naked face in the mirror trying to give yourself a pep talk and know that it’s not really working but whatever.

I hope you all have a great first day, I do, I really do.

Today's post image comes from hoong0's instagram. 

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