086 or: I Ate a Brick of Butter and Survived

So a couple years ago I made a stuffed pork loin roast and my brother ate most of it. And surprisingly he was willing to like learn how to make this because I told him it was easy.

So I basically told him we just have to season the boneless pork loin and leave it overnight with the stuffing in so it’s all compact and all the herbs and stuff have soaked in. Sounds easy enough right?

But then I had some things come up and I was unable to do the actual prep work so I told my brother to do it–he’s gotta learn how to cook some time right? I leave the list of ingredients out and tell him to just rub it all over the pork, put the stuffing in, tie it up then toss it into the fridge.

Do you know what I found the next day?




I just…



And, it gets worse… because he had at this point used 3/4 of the butter he decides to use the last 1/4 for the stuffing.

I should have known at this point it was a huge mistake to let my brother cook….anything. I thought it would have gone a lot better than this because a) I left out instructions and b) he obsessively watches cooking shows so you think he would know better. As always, I’m on a budget and I can’t like throw away food and because I have little to no character development I’ll continue to live my life one reckless decision at a time. Admittedly, I was a little terrified by this one because… A WHOLE BRICK OF BUTTER. Like, has Paula Deen does? Is this very French? Would Julia Child approve? Qui sait?



I honestly can’t even put this fuckery into words lol. At this point I guess I’m bragging that I’m still alive. Or just to get into the groove of blogging again. I don’t know. Enjoy this filler post y’all.


It was moist af btw

See ya maybe soon?

xx Cat

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