So this morning I woke up to a tweet from Jane and it’s about how Minji has withdrawn from 2NE1. I honestly was kind of in shock and I went through some of my twitter followers timelines and it’s just… I still don’t really know what to feel.

I mean it’s not like 2NE1 has been active these past few years at all but, I had a lot invested in them, time, emotions etc. It was such a huge chunk of my kpop life and the experience that I went through is something that I never thought I would have and I’ve learnt so much from it honestly lol.

I never intended on getting involved in fan forums at all, it was too much work and I was always like “Pfft, I’d rather spend money on MYSELF and not buy things for my biases.” But then one day I was just browsing around and came upon a little invisionfree forum about this potential girl group, and I was the most interested in CL. I joined an activity called Better Than You and recommended a fan project and next thing I knew I was a mod of the “Projects forum” with this girl named Jin and then somehow I became admin and I learnt so many life skills it’s insane. I legitimately put this on all my resumes because I’m proud of the work I did at YGS and later YGL and the teams I worked with.

There was so much DRAMA in the early days lol and there was still some more drama in the later days too but DAMN y’all. I just remember there was this one big MSN convo with random YGL/YGS staff and it was kind of a shit show and I don’t even know why it happened or what we hoped to resolve LOL anyways.

I remember staying up till like frigging 7am trying to finish subbing an episode of 2NE1tv, bursting MSN chats every single day where we would talk about the dumbest shit, coming up with themed layouts and seeing Den and ela wow everyone with their skills. Me being demanding with my stupid obscure wants lmao (I love all my GAs who didn’t murder me.) I remember having all these really deep heart to hearts with Gyang and we said we were life long friends, and talking with Patty and stuff about our family problems. I remember all our stupid in jokes like calling ela a bat (why did we…?) and things like that. Lol I remember this one girl would pretend to be this super rich chick in our shout box and then one night we all just exposed her as a fraud and it was some hectic times. I remember for one of my birthdays ela sent me pic of Daniel Henney in this green and yellow boxers that said “Happy Birthday Cat!” and I have it stashed on some photobucket account or another LOL. I was really touched. There was also that time we all signed up for Neopet accounts again and I still have a pet named 8DEE after Bommie lmao

Along all these jokes, gossip and spazzing there was A LOT of work involved. Mass PMing members to get them to participate in projects, dealing with bots, allkpop stealing trans (are they still around? are they still assholes?), subbing, editing all the time lol.. I got some real life skills out of all this.

I kept thinking this whole day how I’m going to miss 2NE1 and the girls and everything and while a small part of that is true–to me they are one of the most exciting and best girl groups to come out of Korea–I’m going to miss the people/memories of my time spent spazzing over them. I mean, their discography will still be there and sound great and 2ne1tv will always be gold but I don’t participate in massive group chats anymore, or get that adrenaline rush when you’re hunting for that release to be the first to post up news, video, a translation…

YGS/YGL merging was definitely one of the best moments in my fandom life. Like for a lot of people it was just “Ooh look now it’ll be more convenient!” but it was a big deal for me because there use to be drama between the two sites and to have it all merge was the best. And the whole reveal that happened right before their first album drop just made it like the best time. Like Forum merge!!! 3 MVS!!!! Flawless album!!!!

And on another personal note about the merge, it was especially gratifying for me because there had been talks of a merge before but there was such a strong opposition from the YGS side, like there were things said, my damn feelings were hurt lmao and I literally changed tumblr blogs because I could not deal with the sub-reblogs so I said “Bye! What you said was fucked up and hurt my feelings and now you apologized and I accept it but I can’t be your friend anymore.” lmaoooo I honestly don’t remember what was said but oh well, things happen. And I met some great people at YGL. Like Joyce! And Benny! And I’m friends with Jenni now and it’s honestly so great?

I don’t really know how 2NE1 is going to fare after this (like… it’s definitely not going to be a Destiny’s Child situation) but I’ll always love this group, with their quirks, the up and down chemistry of it (depending on which members are together lol) and the bops.  Thanks to everyone who made that time the best, I love you all and I hope you’re doing well.


Today's feature image is so old I don't even know who made it but the last two gifs are by vitadolce-moderato via Tumblr

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