I guess a lot of things happen when you really stop and think about it. Especially if you think of it in terms of blog posts/journal entries etc. Or maybe it seems that way because I’m trying to recap things for a multitude of reasons. (Vanity, fear that my memory will get shoddier and shoddier, ~my audience~.)

Most recent thing is that I had my last day at Yonge & Eg on Friday!! I’ll be starting at Ryan’s store tomorrow and I’m pleased. I never realized how many people I liked there LOL. I guess because always working with Hale, Kim and Brian and the dumb bar set up made me annoyed 95% of the time. Ai pretty much summed it up when she told me how she was working on Thursday and it was steady but when she went home she wasn’t super tired or annoyed and she was happy and then she realized it was because Hale and Kim weren’t there.

It was really sweet of all of my regulars telling me how much they’re going to miss me and Precillia, it was such a great ego boost.

Concept: My vanity is one of those fluffy white cats that has that bitchy squashed looking face and is always cast the prissy/evil/rich cat in films. Is always subject to some kind of misfortune such as some underdog dumps garbage all over it or the owner forces it into some ridiculous, humiliating get up. Face of a short hair, body of a Himalayan Or a Persian.

ANYWAYS. My vanity was practically purring by the end of the day lmao. And I got gifts from Gabi and Shweta and Maddy! It was so sweet. I love presents lol but I hate accepting them. I’m sad that I didn’t get to see Shannon (r.i.p the Shannon Fan club) I think she already went to Costa Rica and I didn’t get to see Paul and Denny!!!! Tbh I’m sad that I didn’t get to play with Denny one last time. Also kind of sad that I didn’t see Sam because we always have nice chats about books. Thank God I didn’t loan him one of mine because then I’d probably never see it again. Which I guess it’s kind of fitting because I borrowed it from Ruth and she just kind of stopped showing up to class so she’s never getting that back. It’s been 10 years so it’s basically mine now. Oh well.

I had a memorable last couple of days at the Yonge & Eg location. On Tuesday my dream came true and we got evacuated because of a possible electrical fire. I was flying high, thinking I’d get to go home early or sit around and do nothing because Indigo might reopen so then we’d have to reopen. Mei bought us Chipotle which was fab because we got it two for one because we work at Starbucks /o/ but as the day crept on we had to move all of our milk and rtd&e stuff because there was no electricity. So Susan, Jessica and I had to lug all that fucking milk up and down the stairs then across the street, unload it again to put in the other store’s fridge. I don’t even know how many times we had to do that. The next day my whole body was aching and I was just a really big mess all Wednesday lol. This woman wanted to transfer like 300 dollars  onto one card and she had a bunch of 5 dollar ones and my dumb ass at first was going to enter it in 5$ at a time like what?! And afterwards when I went home from as I was coming in, my brother yelled upstairs and I dropped my phone and the screen shattered. This is literally the 3rd time this year my phone has broken!!!! I should buy a new one but I’m in that dumb situation where I need to save a whole wad of cash so it’s cheaper for me to fix it but not cheaper in the long run. BAHHH.

My Europe trip is coming up scarily soon and my anxiety is through the roof. I don’t have many physical symptoms of anxiety but I do freeze up and lie there for hours on end. At this point I just want it to be over with lmao because then I’d be safe at home and I wouldn’t have run out of any money which is my big fear. This weekend I’ve been watching a lot of shows/kid movies. I don’t need a therapist to tell me what that means.

Today's featured image is by roseydoux.tumblr.com

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