Twin Peaks: Traces to Nowhere


If anyone is actually keeping up with my blog you know having consecutive posts is an extremely rare occurrence (these days at least.) But here I am, with the second episode of Twin Peaks! Just a reminder that this is not a spoiler free zone, so if spoilers matter to you then bye.


What I really love about Twin Peaks is that it’s kind of a slow burn. Those types of shows always hold my attention the longest. I think it’s all of those long drawn out silences and stares into the distance, coupled with slow moving shots of scenery. The story is still in the very beginning stages, we’re not exactly sure who killed Laura Palmer or why. In the first episode we met a few of the townspeople and start to learn that perhaps Laura Palmer was not the perfect girl that she portrayed herself to be. This episode we start to see the seedy underbelly of the town that inspires such childlike glee in Special Agent Dale Cooper.

Any type of book/show/movie about a small town and its inhabitants immediately piques my interest. I don’t know what it is about close proximity and small numbers but it breeds such a web of dark secrets, affairs and crazy scandals all while looking so picturesque. I can be all pretentious about it and be like, the ~d u a l i t y~ is soo symbolic, or how ironic and isn’t that just so clever?? But nah, the drama that all breeds is what I love because I’m a nosy bitch. I’m Vietnamese, it’s cultural.

Twin Peaks definitely delivers this episode on the scandal front. Let’s have a quick little rundown. Hope you can keep it all straight!


One of my favourite interactions happens early on. Audrey sets her sights on Special Agent Dale Cooper and the chemistry is off the charts!! Now I know, it seems skeevy because Audrey is still a high schooler and Dale is a full grown man but later on in the season when Audrey truly throws herself at him he’s like “Listen, we can be friends because you are too young.”

Honestly, I still wish I could be as amazing a flirt as Audrey. All of her moves I have definitely tried, and failed spectacularly.


So last episode the first few chinks in Laura’s perfect facade came by way of an empty envelope with trace amounts of cocaine, the fact that she was cheating on her footballer boyfriend with James. He rides a motorcycle so automatically he seems like ~bad news. But in another twist, Bobby is actually kind of a jerk and is also having an affair with Shelly Johnson, a waitress married to Leo Johnson (we’ll get to him in a bit.)

We also learnt that Laura had a secret safety deposit box containing ten thousand dollars in cash, a porn magazine featuring a girl named Ronette, who went missing the same night as Laura but has turned up alive, but completely traumatised and mute. It was also revealed that she was seeing Dr. Jacoby for therapy, secretly.

In this episode, Laura’s cocaine addiction was confirmed, and it was revealed in her autopsy that in her last twelve hours, Laura had had sex with at least two different men. She was also had small shallow cuts all over her, bite marks and ligature marks. Near the end of the episode, Dr. Jacoby listens to a tape Laura makes for him, where she talks to him about her problems essentially. Dr. Jacoby really skeeves me out this episode. The way Laura talks to him is very suggestive, and then the doctor just sits there, listening to it and crying.

In the tape Laura talks about how James is so kind and sweet but then she says how she’s so bored of sweetness. She finds it boring and she wants more. Just before Jacoby slips on the headphones and the episode ends we learn that Laura has another side man! Her side man has a side man, legend.


Another creepy thing that Jacoby has is half of a best friends heart necklace. Laura originally gave the half to James. James and Donna buried it on the day they found Laura’s body because James was scared he’d be blamed for her murder because he has no alibi and was one of the last to see her. I know, so stupid. But they are teenagers. Anyways, Jacoby was following them because he digs up the necklace and now he has it and stares at it from time to time.

I hope that wasn’t too confusing, because Laura isn’t the only one with a few secrets…


So let’s talk about Bobby Burke. (lmao my 90s crush forever and always) As I mentioned before Bobby is having an affair with Shelly Johnson (who I never really know how old she is, because she seems the same age as Bobby who is in high school, but I don’t know when or how long she’s been married to Leo..and Bobby is definitely not 18 yet.)



Now, it’s clear that Bobby and Laura were not happy in their relationship because they’re both cheating on each other. Shelly, is 1000000% not happy in her abusive relationship with her husband. This is where it gets a little messy. It turns out that Bobby and his best friend Mike are dealing drugs for Leo! And they owe him ten thousand dollars, which Laura had in her safety deposit box!!

Side note: I have to wonder just how much coke they’re moving, because Bobby had already given Leo a first installment of ten grand already. So altogether they have twenty grand for coke. I don’t actually know if that makes sense or not, (never done coke) but it seems kind of wild to me, that a small town can be doing numbers like this.


As if Leo hasn’t done enough terrible things to people, when he forces Shelly to do another load of laundry before her shift (as opposed to after, like she had planned.) Shelly finds one of Leo’s shirts… COVERED in blood!

The plot thickens.

On the topic of drugs in Twin Peaks, one of the characters Big Ed, (also James’ uncle) was about to break up a bar fight that was happening when he suddenly just passes out. He tells the Harry (Sherriff Truman) that he believes his beer was spiked, because a man named Jacques Renaud was tending bar. This whole little exchange also revealed that Ed is cheating on his wife, Nadine, with Norma Johnson who runs the Double R diner (where Shelly also works.) Norma is also married and her husband is in jail for manslaughter.


This little scene is kind of funny and tense. Nadine and Norma run into each other at the general store and Nadine (who is a little unhinged) acts accusatory an suspicious of Norma. (Who can blame her?) You can see the nervousness in Norma’s eyes and then the guilt when Nadine talks about waiting for Ed to get out of intensive care. Even though the only reason Ed was out that night was because he was with Norma! Just when you think Nadine is about to tell Norma she knows that she’s fucking her man… it’s kind of shown that that’s just how Nadine talks lol. She is completely excited and enthralled with her new drapes and has bought a bunch of cotton balls to make the runner quiet.

On the topic of affairs… we now find out that Catherine Martell (sister in law to Josie Packard, who owns the mill and valuable land) is having an affair with Benjamin Horne (Audrey’s dad who owns half the town.) Not only are they having an affair, we learn that Catherine has been embezzling from the mill and that this is all a ploy to drive the mill to ruins so that they can buy the mill from Josie for cheap and then build a development making them millions. Catherine is super impatient because she is strongly motivated by hate for Josie, so Benjamin proposes that perhaps the mill has some bad luck and a fire might just happen. They are a lumber mill after all. The idea of arson both gets them both going again and Benjamin starts to suck her toes as foreplay, I’m gonna assume.

Ben is such a gross, skeevy man but he says one of my favourite lines of the episode:

Now I remember, how all those hours, turned into days.

It’s quasi romantic when you block out the fact that they’re both adulterous con artists essentially.

Speaking about the land deal Ben and Catherine hoped to score. In the pilot episode we see Benjamin giving a presentation to a bunch of Norwegians on the project. Before Leland gets earth shattering news, he tells Ben that they don’t even have the deed to the land they hope to build on with the Norwegians money.


In a legendary move, light of my life, queen of my heart, Audrey Horne PURPOSELY sabotaged a multimillion dollar deal because my girl has got some serious daddy issues. I mean, how can you not when your dad is Ben Horne. She is the most petty poor little rich girl and you too shall stan.

Ever since I wrote down “duality” that’s all I can think of and in another twist of fate, Ben, who delivered my favourite quote of the episode also delivers the most hurtful one of the episode.

Ben Horne weirdly seems to love Laura more then his own daughter because he contemptuously tells her,

Laura died two days ago. I lost you years ago.

Devastating to Audrey, who really just wants to be loved by her dad.

That pretty much sums up this episode of Twin Peaks lol. And it’s only the second episode! It’s gonna get even weirder and more tangled as it progresses.

And now my favourite #lewks of the episode:


This episode didn’t really deliver looks for me. But my queen Josie saves this episode with her cute af robe. I wish they showed this full length.


This is just a Norma Jennings hair appreciation moment. I wish they expanded her wardrobe but hopefully by the second season!


Even though at this moment Ben was being the smarmiest, I couldn’t deny that suit and that colour co-ord!

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