Twin Peaks: The One-Armed Man


I’m starting to wonder if the only reason I can make weekly posts is because I’m not actually writing anything. I’m just doing recaps with a few random opinions sprinkled in. I mean if I made posts about my life that is always a recap as well. I don’t know. Oh well. If anything this is a good exercise in writing something consistently.

I don’t know if Twin Peaks was the only show to do this (at the time) or not, but the fact that they had such a small episode order makes each episode incredibly important to watch because the story is progressing at a steady pace. Unlike now where most shows have at least 18 episodes and half of them are filler. Pretty Little Liars had multiple seasons with over 20 episodes and only two of them were relevant. More shows need to get back into this format. Sometimes, the story only needs to be told in 8 episodes. Also, knowing when to end a story is super important. British TV usually has this down pact, when it’s done, it’s done.

After introducing the One-Armed Man a few episodes ago, we get some answers as to who he is, the connection to the case and Cooper’s dream. If this was Pretty Little Liars, they would have teased this reveal all season, only for these questions to be half answered during the finale.

(I have unresolved issues with Pretty Little Liars lmao.)



This episode opens up with Sarah Palmer describing BOB to Andy like she did in Cooper’s dream, Leland enters and derisively asks if Sarah has shared her two visions with them yet before he walks away. It’s sad to see just how far apart grief has driven Leland and Sarah. They’re both just shambling around their house in their bathrobes, grieving in their own way but away from each other.

Cooper, who never discounts anything even supernatural if he feels it pertains to his case, asks Sarah about her other vision. Sarah recounts how she saw someone remove the half a heart necklace from the woods that Donna and James buried. Donna is there and she’s shook. Now, we know that the person who took the necklace was Jacoby. Donna knows that she and James buried the necklace. The cops know that the other half exists. Sarah thinks this is just a weird symbolic nightmare. Later on when Donna tells James what happened she mentions that Laura always said that her mom was “spooky”. Sarah frequently had dreams and vision and Laura did as well.


After the visit to the Palmers, Harry and Andy go back to the station to join in on Cooper’s interview with Jacoby. Before the interview starts we learn that Andy and Lucy have been in a secret relationship but right now she is furious with him. Andy is truly a simple lamb and asks Lucy why he couldn’t sleep over last night and Lucy retorts professionally, but there’s venom in the way she calls him “Deputy Brennan”.


Jacoby can’t say much during his interview because of patient confidentiality, but he did say that Laura had a lot of problems and secrets, and even tries to justify her cocaine addiction as medicinal. He acquiesces that there could have been better alternatives but he asks, don’t we all do what we can to self medicate? I mean, true but like… that doesn’t necessarily make it good for you lol.


Dr. Jacoby just seems to be one in the long line of men who inappropriately enamoured with Laura. When he’s asked if Laura ever mentioned Bobby or James, he proclaims that Laura was a woman while Bobby and James were just boys. He states that his own personal investigation into Laura Palmer “will be ongoing for the rest of my life.”

I think this is such a gross trope for women, because it just strips away all the responsibilities of the guy. Even if they don’t do anything wrong, to me it’s saying that if they did do something they can’t really be at fault because she’s just so alluring and they just couldn’t help themselves. πŸ˜’πŸ™„


The only useful piece of information that came out of that interview was Jacoby admitting that the night after Laura died, he followed a man that Laura had spoken to him about who drives a red corvette. Nothing really came out of his stake out as Jacoby quickly lost this guy down a road. Useless.


After Jacoby leaves, Cooper gets a call from his supervisor, Gordon Cole who is played by David Lynch. We “meet” him via speakerphone as he is calling to relay some of Albert’s test results. The bounds on Laura’s arms and hands were made by two different types of twine, one is a common household variety while the second one is still unknown. The bites on her neck and shoulder were bird bites, either a myna bird or parrot. Cole then relates how Albert still wants Harry fired for punching him, however Cooper cuts him off and once again sticks up for Harry. Personally, I’m with Cooper. Albert truly did deserve that punch in the face lol. Talk shit, get hit. With how Albert is, I’m surprised that it seems like nobody has ever punched him before.


This day is turning out to be a very busy one for the investigative team, as soon as Cooper hangs up, Hawk calls and says that he has found the One-Armed Man staying at a local motel. And things are popping at the Timber Falls Motel.


First off, we have Josie staked outside taking pictures of…Catherine Martell and Benjamin Horne’s affair. That’s the problem of trying to sneak around in a small town, there’s not a lot of places for you to go.


In their room, Catherine and Ben are talking about their favourite subject, the upcoming arson at the mill. Their plan is to make it look like Josie set the fire on purpose to collect the insurance money because Catherine has doctored the books to look like it’s going bankrupt. She makes a stupid move (imo) in telling Ben her hiding spot for it. Their tryst is interrupted when Andy accidentally drops his gun, which causes it to go off as Harry, Cooper and him were about to surprise the One-Armed Man. Now trapped in their room, Ben takes off to shower but not before dropping a poker chip to One Eyed Jack’s.


Back to Cooper, he and Harry barge into the room and surprise the One-Armed Man who is very different from the one in Cooper’s dream even though they look exactly alike. This guy, named Philip Michael Gerard instead of MIKE is a mild mannered shoe salesman who doesn’t pass up on the opportunity to make a sale for Harry’s department. However, he does have a friend named Bob who is a vet in Twin Peaks.


Harry tries to comfort Cooper because his dream didn’t end up being true. Cooper disagrees because there are some small coincidences. He believes that Bob the Vet probably treated the bird that bit Laura. He is further convinced of this as the one stop shop next to the clinic sells a twine that matches the second one that was used on Laura.

One of my favourite friendships continues as Audrey confides her crush on Cooper to Donna and her master plan of helping him find out who killed Laura Palmer which will then cause him to fall madly in love with her and Donna is going to help her. It wasn’t even a question but a matter of fact statement. Aries legend.


Donna seems skeptical about this, but she too is sort of conducting her own investigation over her best friend’s death. (Her motivation does seem to be more about keeping James out of trouble.) Audrey confirms with Donna that Laura was seeing both Bobby and James and was addicted to cocaine. Donna tries to brush it off as if it must not have been that bad or big of a secret if it seems like everyone knew.

Audrey decides to level with her and says, “I didn’t know Laura half as well as you did but I knew the score. Laura was wild.”

Subtext: Stop acting like your friend was the angel she portrayed herself to be, we don’t have time for that.


Audrey, in the throes of a crush or simply underestimating Donna’s propensity for secrets, tells her that she learnt Laura was in therapy with Jacoby (a fact gleaned from when she was spying on him and Johnny before the funeral.) She also tells Donna her theory about Laura working at One Eyed Jack’s after she learnt that both Laura and Ronette worked at the perfume counter at Horne’s Department store. Donna remains skeptical but finally concedes that “it would explain a few things.” However she agrees to help as long they can keep the info between the two of them.

Audrey fully gets into the investigative role and gives a stirring speech to her father about how she wants to ~change, how much Laura’s death affected her and she wants to buckle down and get serious about the future and being a part of the family business. She proposes to her father that she start at the bottom rung by working a part time job at the department store…perhaps something in cosmetics? Or perfume?


Ben seems moved by this and agrees to give Audrey a job and they share a nice little hug. Who knows how long it’s been since that’s happened? It must be really conflicting for Audrey, because she does yearn for her father’s approval and love, when she opens her eyes to see that random picture of her and Laura lying on her father’s desk, obviously having been just looked at… Bleh.

While all this is happening, the other denizens of Twin Peaks are trying to live their best lives. None more so then Shelly and Bobby. Shelly’s gotten a lot more brazen since she got that gun, feeling secure enough to have Bobby IN THE HOUSE. Bobby is understandably a little nervous coming off his last encounter with Leo. He can’t relax until Shelly tells him exactly where and how far Leo is. Shelly tells him that Leo is off with his “creepy friend” Jacques.


This is new information to Bobby as he did not know that Leo and Jacques knew each other, he quickly deduces that they are working together to bring drugs into Twin Peaks and he immediately comes up with a plan to simultaneously get revenge on Leo and get him out of Shelly’s life forever.


He tells Shelly that Leo and Jacques are responsible for the drugs coming into Twin Peaks and they deal them to the high school students, and most likely Laura. He completely omits his part in selling drugs. Leo selling drugs is news to Shelly who is suddenly connecting dots of her own. She quickly shows Bobby the bloody shirt. Bobby doesn’t think much of it until Shelly shows Leo’s initials embroidered into the shirt. This is karma for Leo because he makes her embroider his initials onto every single piece of clothing he owns. He decides to take the shirt and frame both Leo and Jacques. He doesn’t mention the specifics of the plan to Shelly because he doesn’t want to implicate her. How thoughtful.

Shelly goes to the diner after for her shift feeling discontent and a bit off after seeing Bobby. She decides to confide her feelings to Norma who is primed to understand perfectly as she is also sneaking around with another man. They’re both having affairs with guys they married with guys they want to be with. Like Shelly says, she has “one man too many, and no idea what to do with either of them.”

Shelly reminisces about when she first met Leo, he was a flashy guy with a hot car and after they got married she realised he just wanted a maid that he didn’t have to pay. She thought he was silent and cool but it turns out he would rather hit than talk.


We still don’t know much about the circumstances about Norma’s relationship to Hank before she married him. We do know that she and Ed were in love all throughout high school, something happened and they ended up married to other people. Hank has been in jail for awhile so Norma was able to conduct her affair with Ed without having to sneak around on Hank. However, Hank is about to get out on parole. Norma does have the choice to not give her husband a job when he gets out so that he would have to stay in jail for the duration of his sentence. The original plan was for her and Ed to both leave their spouses and be together but Ed is waffling on whether or not he will leave Nadine.


I don’t know if Norma is afraid of loneliness or being alone. During Hank’s parole hearing she tells the judges that she would give a job to Hank at her diner and even though she doesn’t seem to believe all his promises that he will change, (he did start off by begging her to back him up because he can’t handle being in jail anymore smh.) I think she figures it’s better to have someone there so if she has to see Ed or Ed with Nadine around town it won’t hurt as much.

With no real solution that they can see, Norma proposes a “day of beauty” as self care to take their minds off of the shitty men in their lives. Good for them. Sometimes when there’s so much shit going on in your life it’s little things like this that make it a bit bearable.


On the other side of the diner, James is on the phone with Donna when Maddy comes in to pick up food for her aunt and uncle. We learn that she lives in Missoula, and when she was younger she used to come to Twin Peaks a lot where she and Laura would pretend to be sisters. Maddy admits that they’ve lost touch over the years and she doesn’t know her well anymore.

This reminds me of my cousins and I. We were pretty close when we were younger but as we progressed through our teenage years we just became different people. Now I can’t say that I anything about them. It’s sad how it happens and I really don’t know how to bridge that gap lol. It be like that sometimes? πŸ€·β€β™€οΈ


Anyways, it’ll be interesting to see how Maddy’s arrival will disrupt Donna and James’ fledgling relationship. Which I fully maintain that they only got into because of their grief and love for Laura. I think Donna knows it too because when they meet later to see if the buried half a heart necklace is truly gone, Donna becomes adamant that they have to solve what happened to Laura “for us”. I think she means both for peace of mind as people who cared for her and also so that the specter of her ghost doesn’t hang around their ~love.


Speaking of the case, the three detectives finally find a myna bird amongst Bob the Vet’s client files. The myna bird, named Waldo, belongs to… Jacques Renaud!!! At that moment Gordon Cole faxes over a reconstruction of the plastic fragment with the letter J found in Laura’s stomach and it looks like a poker chip from One Eyed Jack’s!!! With this info they now have probable (I guess?) cause to raid Jacques’ home. However, Bobby is already in there, planting Leo’s bloody shirt!


Bobby manages to get away, Cooper finds the shirt and they see Leo’s initials embroidered on it. At this point in time, the case seems pretty clear cut and wrapped up…right?

With Laura’s murder seemingly solved, we’re gearing up for the next tragedy to wreak havoc on Twin Peaks. Ben has called Leo for a secret meeting as he has come “highly recommended by Hank”. Ben tells Leo the specifics for the fire, how it has to be destroyed by someone committing arson. The fire is supposed to happen in “3 nights, green light.” Which confirms that the traffic lights for Twin Peaks also doubles as a communication system for the underhanded wheelings and dealings.


Ben truly can’t help himself by dispensing unsolicited advice to Leo, who he feels has been off his game. Leo is quick to assure him that he knows how to handle his business by showing Bernie’s corpse. Lol, that’s stone cold, he goes and drops Jacques off in Canada, comes back and murders his brother. I’m unsure if Ben is also involved in the drugs coming into Twin Peaks because as he leaves he says, “One last chance Leo. Don’t disappoint me.” I wonder what his first chance was.


Now that Hank has been granted his parole he is quick to shed his model prisoner persona and makes a phone call to Josie Packard, letting her know that he’s out now and she still seems to owe him something….


This town never rests!

Favourite Looks:


Bobby makes his first appearance in the Fave Looks section with this colourful layered combination. This boy is dressed for the PNW, and is having some fun with colour and button placement. You can’t see it in the capture but he has “Dick” embroidered on the shirt lol. Did he thrift this? Is he just letting the world know what he is? Is he letting Shelly know that’s all he can offer?


Donna has the best casual looks. I love the colour of this chambray shirt she has on.


This is technically a half entry, because I’ve raved about Josie’s cute little robe before, but now I learnt she also wears marabou slippers and I fall deeper in love.


As always thanks for checking out the post, hope you guys enjoyed it! I’ll leave you with this weird decoration in Josie’s house. Like… is it carrying the weapon that killed it? So twisted.

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