Twin Peaks: Cooper’s Dreams

It’s easy to understand how and why Twin Peaks became such a phenomenon when it first aired. The mysteries are compelling and each episode you inch closer and closer to the truth. Way before binging and Netflix people only got to watch an episode a week and spent the other 6 days discussing it and going over theories, building anticipation before the next time it was on.

Now with streaming anyone can opt out of joining into the weekly communion over their favourite show. It’s not quite the same now even though with the internet you can join a huge community of fellow obsessives. Although now with more free will many people watch ahead and it’s hard to avoid spoilers so no one is united in suspense anymore.

We’re nearing the end of the season so at this point it feels like all of these seemingly disparate mysteries are going to all ram into each other at the pinnacle. I’m not one of those people that live for the ending, I love the journey to get there. All the random little meandering threads and details that seem innocuous suddenly start clicking and making sense. It’s that satisfaction of things falling into place. Click, click, click.


Cooper is awoken at 4:28AM (which is incidentally only two hours from when I first started writing this.) He’s livid and annoyed and I totally get where he’s coming from. I need complete silence when I sleep, if I was awoken by loud, raucous singing I would immediately turn to murder.

When daylight hits, the singing is still going on and Cooper is deathly in need of some caffeine when Audrey, who can barely contain her glee, tells him that she got a job at Horne’s department store. Coop can barely focus as Audrey boldly announces that since she’s pretty much going undercover she can be his partner in crime (and in life) to help him solve the case. He manages to tell her to go to school before he has to rush off to start his day investigating Laura’s grisly murder.


The originator of the disturbance is Jerry Horne, who has found a bunch of Icelanders willing to invest in Ben’s Whispering Pines project. Jerry continues his trend of bringing home food as souvenirs, this time it’s a whole lamb’s leg that he received as a token of affection from one of the Icelanders. Ben is willing to put up with the disturbance at the expense of his guests because he is really into wining and dining these investors. They are to throw a gala reception later on in the week. He’s also going to provide the 69-ing with a trip to Jack’s just in case they haven’t shown their investors a good enough time. Despite the fact Jerry is completely smitten with his Icelandic princess that’s not going to stop him from going.

Jerry and Ben seem like those people that think saying they “love” someone is enough. As if that will carry them through all of their transgressions and gives them licence to treat people however they want. I think a lot of people feel this way.


As the brothers are getting excited about the project finally coming to fruition, Leland shows up to work. He’s heard about the investors and he just wants something to distract him from all the thoughts in his mind. Ben, not wanting Leland to ruin this deal urges him to take Sarah and go on a vacation. I think deep down inside, Ben does blame Leland for losing the Norwegians for the original deal because they left when Laura was murdered. Even though, they only found out because it was Ben’s daughter, Audrey, that told them. It’s easier to blame others for your failures though.


Back on the side of law and duty, Cooper and Co. are combing through Jacques’ apartment for more clues to tie him and Leo to Laura’s murder. Doc Hayward informs them that the blood on Leo’s shirt is AB- which is not Laura’s blood but is actually Jacques’ blood. Cooper finds another copy of Fleshworld hidden in the ceiling.


In the first copy they found, they discovered an ad featuring Ronette Pulaski. Tracing the ad ended up being a dead end as it was placed anonymously. Fleshworld is the middleman of this whole thing really. Someone, (i.e Ronette) places an ad in the magazine, readers respond to the ad and the magazine forwards the mail to the person who set up the ad. Ronette was getting all of her correspondence sent to a local PO box that was opened under Jacques’ name.


Upon further investigation of the apartment, in one of the kitchen cupboards a photo of a cabin with red drapes is stuck there. The red drapes reminds Cooper of his dream. Another deputy has returned with some letters from the PO box that were never picked up and it is discovered that the letters are addressed to two different ads. Flipping through the magazine they find the corresponding ad and the girl in the photo is believed to be Laura, the background of the red drapes matches the drapes found in the cabin photo.


A photo of Leo’s truck is also spotted in the magazine.


Speaking of Leo, Shelly and Bobby have all but dropped every single pretense of keeping their affair a secret. On the outside it looks like they don’t have to. Shelly has a gun, Bobby has planted some evidence to tie Leo to Laura’s murder, freedom beckons! Bobby has coached Shelly into mentioning that she heard Leo arguing with Jacques about Laura if she were to be questioned by the police.


Lucky for them it’s Andy that comes to the door asking if Leo is home and when Shelly could expect him. She replies that she doesn’t know and ~casually wonders if this is about Laura. It is at this point that I am starting to believe that Andy isn’t as dense as he pretends to be and asks her why she would think that. Shelly brings up the fact that she heard Leo and Jacques arguing, careful to feign partial deafness so that if she is later on pressed for more details of the conversation she can claim to not have heard. She is positive on the fact that she heard them mention Laura a few times though.


As soon as as Andy leaves, Bobby and Shelly get back to celebrating when Leo interrupts them with a phone call. He knows that the cops are closing in so he starts asking if anyone has come by looking for him, Shelly lies and says no. Then Leo does the thing all abusive men do when they start realising that their lives are about to go to shit. He starts crooning over how much he misses and loves Shelly. 🙄


Now that Hank has been granted parole, Norma’s affair with Ed has to end. Norma is a real one because she took it upon herself to go tell Ed what was going on. Ed is all there like “oh hey beautiful, I am totally okay with us continuing our affair in secret.” I’m really happy that Norma called Ed out on basically waiting to see if she would be the first one to break up her marriage for him. And what really irritates me is that Ed had to wait for Norma to come to him and THEN he told her how he wasn’t going to leave Nadine anyways because she’s “not well” so he can’t leave her and he doesn’t want to hurt her.

That’s the problem with affairs lol like you don’t want to hurt anyone but you always end up hurting at least one of them to spare the other. Like Norma says, “that’s the problem. We never want to hurt anyone, we never just take what we want.” Then somehow she still finds it in her heart to tell him that she loves him but not to call her for awhile.

Love/lust makes you do some crazy things I guess. Speaking of crazy, it’s Audrey’s first day at Horne’s department store aka the first day of her undercover assignment that she gave herself. Now because her father knows that the perfume counter is a front for sex trafficking he has Audrey assigned to gift wrapping.


This is not part of Audrey’s plan at all so she tries to sweet talk Emory Battis into letting her move up into retail, perhaps the perfume counter. I know Emory is in on this whole trafficking thing for sure because he gets noticeably uncomfortable as soon as Audrey brings it up. He gives her lame excuses such as that perfume is one of their more “sensitive areas” because of the expensive products and the ~delicate customer relations. Like how hard can it really be? You are selling perfume to someone, you just have to ask do you like this? No? Okay try this. Correct me if I’m wrong but it’s not as serious as Emory is making it out to be.


Audrey, light of my life, drops the sugary act and lays it out for him. Emory is going to lie and tell her father that Audrey is busy and happy wrapping up packages but he’s going to put her to work at the perfume counter. If he doesn’t comply with her demands than she is going to falsely accuse him of sexual assault. Then just to add a bit of salt to all this she demands that he calls her Ms. Horne and that is what really infuriates Emory.

For the record, I was all for Audrey’s plan until the threat of a false accusation. For obvious reasons, it doesn’t help anyone or anything really.


The other half of the detective duo, Donna, has been summoned by her boyfriend James to some gazebo in a park so he can tell her about his “sordid” family history. All of these little things he reveals just feeds into his tortured-bad-boy-with-a-heart-of-gold schtick. Like how his dad isn’t really dead he just ran out on him and his mom. And his mom is an alcoholic and she usually just checks into a hotel room and has sex with a lot of guys every few months. I guess all of this stuff was scandalous at the time or maybe I’m just jaded because my reaction to all of this is just, “it be like that sometimes.”

Anyways the reason James is baring his ~dark soul to Donna is because he doesn’t want there to be any secrets between them. Secrets always tear people apart and destroys any chances at happiness. He’s not wrong until he goes along and agrees to conduct the secret investigation into Laura’s death. So that both of them “can have a chance” when realistically he should be telling the cops everything he knows.

You know they can look longingly into each other’s eyes and say they’re doing this for Laura so she can rest but I don’t buy it. They want to lay her spirit to rest when they really are just trying to assuage their guilt for dating immediately after they learnt that Laura was killed.

Their relationship is on tenuous ground already and when they both agree to rope in Maddy into their investigation, Maddy who looks exactly like Laura… yeah it’s going to work out well!!! From like a work standpoint it makes sense, Maddy was Laura’s cousin maybe she knew something that they didn’t but most importantly of all she can freely wander around the Palmer house and into Laura’s room without any questions.


Maddy agrees to help because well, she must be a little bored cooped up with her grieving aunt and uncle all the time, and just a natural curiosity to how her cousin died. Even though they no longer knew each other well, Maddy says that the day before Laura died she had a feeling that Laura was in trouble.

Donna asks Maddy to figure out where Laura’s “secret hiding spot” that she was always talking about, perhaps she had hidden something there. This turns out to be a good move because later that night Maddy finds a tape that Laura recorded hidden there. The hiding spot by the way is just one of her bed posts that unscrews. I really wonder how wide it is if it can fit a cassette.


What’s not so smart is that they didn’t check out everyone sitting around them because Hank was sitting right behind Maddy the whole time and eavesdropped on the whole conversation! I wonder how involved he was in Laura’s death because he was in jail when it happened. Hank seems to be the wiliest character we’ve seen yet, later one he pays a visit to Leo Johnson who has snuck home to get ready for the arson he’s been contactracted to commit. Hank beats him up a little bit because he was supposed to “mind the shop, not open a franchise.” So I’m guessing that Hank is actually in charge of all the drugs coming into Twin Peaks and knew that Laura was a frequent customer of Leo’s and now he’s worried that he will end up tangled in Laura’s murder and back in jail.


After his little beat down Leo goes inside the house where Shelly is freaking out because her husband is all bloody. I mean, that seems logical and even seems loving to an outsider because it seems like she cares. Leo is a piece of shit so starts yelling at her and threatening Shelly. I understand her motivations but maybe this was not the right night to stand up to Leo. We hear a gunshot go off, Leo and Shelly screaming as it all fades into the next scene.


While this is going down, Bobby is in a family counselling session presided over by Dr. Jacoby. Like most people, Bobby doesn’t know how good he has it. His parents are worried about him and want him to process his grief over Laura in a healthy way that’s why they brought him to Dr. Jacoby so they could all talk it out. Bobby is slumped in the corner doing that sullen teenager thing where he thinks everything including his parents are stupid.


Jacoby looks bored and contemptuous of Bobby the entire time and I think that has more to do with his own personal views of Bobby influenced by his feelings for Laura. He gets Bobby alone and really starts working him over. I can’t tell if he is just doing his job or if this is just to satisfy his own personal investigation.

He immediately wrongfoots Bobby by asking him what happened the first time he and Laura had sex. He badgers Bobby and mentions that Laura said he cried and that she laughed. Because masculinity is so fragile this completely breaks Bobby lol and he starts spilling his guts.

Laura wanted to die. Laura told Bobby that she wanted to die. She believed that people tried to be good but they were actually sick and rotten inside. Especially her. Everytime she tried to make the world a better place something came up inside her and dragged her down to Hell, deeper and deeper each time with each time making it harder to come back to the light.


I guess Jacoby got what he wanted because he shares his diagnosis of Laura with Bobby. Jacoby agrees that Laura did have something inside of her that drove her to prey on people’s’ weaknesses, toy with them and manipulate them. Tempt them and then break them down. However he believes that what was really wrong was that Laura had some dark secret that caused her to corrupt people because that was how she felt about herself. She corrupted Bobby by making him sell drugs just so she could have some because that was more fun than just going to a dealer.


The investigation into Laura’s death/other life continues as Cooper, Truman, Hawk and Doc Hayward make the trek through the woods to find Jacques Renaud’s cabin. During the journey they happen upon the Log Lady’s cabin. She quickly hurries them inside because “the owls won’t see us in here” and chastising them for being late because her Log saw something the night Laura died.


Even Cooper who has been incredibly open minded seems to be put off a little by the Log Lady who has a distinct air of dottiness around her. Mainly stemming from the fact that she carries her Log around like a baby. With the gentle urging of Truman Cooper asks the Log what he saw the night Laura died.

It was dark. There was laughter. Two men, two girls. Flashlights pass by in the woods over the ridge. The dark was pressing in on Laura. Later footsteps as another man passes by. Far away screams.

As if this case isn’t convoluted enough, now they have to find out who the third man is!

When they get to Jacques cabin I start to wonder if the third man is even relevant, maybe he was just a random in the woods. There is a veritable flood of evidence that ties with Cooper’s theories and that tie Jacques and Leo to Laura’s murder even tighter.


The cabin is devoid of life except for the record player that has been playing nonstop. The red drapes from Laura’s ad in Fleshworld are present.  They find Waldo, Jacques’ bird who matches the description of the bird that bit Laura. They find a camera with film still inside, a dried puddle of blood, the twine that bound Laura. In a cuckoo clock, a stash of poker chips fall out including the one that has a missing piece that was digested by Laura…


As this is going on, Ben Horne’s gala for his Icelandic investors is the social event everyone has to be at. There’s a guest list but there are a few gate crashers…

Catherine Martell has brought her husband to the gala just for appearances sake but she is livid and on a mission to find Ben. The cause for her ire? A poker chip from One Eyed Jacks that fell out of Ben’s jacket during one of their trysts. To me, this is the stupidest thing to be mad at someone about. Like you’re okay with him cheating on his wife with you, you’re also okay with cheating on your husband but somehow she believes Ben will be loyal to her? MAKE IT MAKE SENSE.


Catherine is super petty so the way she decides to get Ben’s attention is by spilling some Dom on his shoes. Ben is definitely a fop, in my opinion, so that gets his attention at once. He instructs Catherine to go to his office and he will deal with her in two minutes. This whole exchange is not missed by Audrey who knows that undercover and surveillance work is a 24 hour job.


She uses the secret passage to spy on her father and Catherine in his office where to her delight she sees Catherine slap her father several times across the face until Ben decides to soothe Catherine’s ego by making out with her. Now as we’ve seen before once Catherine gets turned on, nothing really gets her going like talking about the upcoming arson at the mill. She wants to burn the mill tonight but Ben convinces her to give Josie one last chance to sell tomorrow, if she refuses then they will burn the mill.

Audrey’s amusement has now turned into disgust and sadness maybe. It must be so conflicting to realize that your dad is trash and will get away with anything but still want his approval so much.

Now onto those gate crashers…

Leland is determined to work on this investment deal. He needs something to relieve him of the constant grief in his mind so he figures the best thing to do is just start mingling at the gala and maybe Ben will see him and let him work.


This doesn’t go to plan as the band starts playing a song he loved to dance to with Laura, triggering Leland into a full public meltdown. He starts sobbing and dancing wildly, people are starting to notice his strange behaviour but because of the “language barrier” the Icelanders don’t really know what to make of Leland yet. Ben at this point has reemerged with Catherine and is in full panic mode that Leland’s behaviour will make him lose this deal. He orders Catherine to start dancing with Leland so that it all looks normal.

People start to buy it and start dancing themselves, now with the crowd and all the movement is making Leland’s panic attack even worst, he starts clutching his head in pain and Catherine tries to pass his trauma off as a dance move. It leaves such a bad taste in my mouth seeing all of these people dancing and mimicking Leland thinking he’s just dancing when he’s really just in pain.


The only person that is affected by this is Audrey who has gone back to hiding in the corner and she’s crying. I think from the combination of seeing her father deal with Leland so cruelly, seeing a father actually go mad with love for his daughter… The vestiges of detective work are starting to dissipate. Usually when she spies or snoops it’s fun and harmless. Audrey is learning that knowledge is pain.


With all of the guests suitably distracted, Ben slips away to attend to another gatecrasher…Josie Packard!!!!!!!!!! In this instance we learn that Ben is planning to double cross Catherine with Josie while she thinks that she is duping Josie!! Ben had Josie retrieve the secret ledger that Catherine hid and turn it over to him.


I was shook when I found this out. When did this happen!? How long? Is Josie also sleeping with Ben? Because gross. It’s crazy that she is literally living life as a rich lumber baron’s widow but she needs…more money. Ugh.

A few hours later Cooper strolls back to the Great Northern, hopefully for a good night’s sleep after a successful day of work when he discovers that someone is in his room dun dun DUNNNN.


On that note, I’ll end the recap here and I’ll see you guys next week for the penultimate episode of season one!

Fave Looks:



You know, out of the Horne brothers, Jerry is the one who is the true fashionista. Ben is more of a traditional fop. Jerry, he is worldly, he travels and parties with people all over the world so his wardrobe is more avant garde than Twin Peaks is used to. He eschews Ben’s colourful ties for decorative collar pieces. He’s currently “in love” so he rocks Eros around his neck. Sure he will wear a traditional button down, but the buttons themselves are in interesting patterns and materials. That’s why he’s always gotta be on the road, Twin Peaks isn’t ready for his style.


I am not necessarily a fan of the way Catherine chose to wear this oversized blazer but I am in love with the jacket overall. I love the boldness of the colours and the lines. Catherine herself can be quite stylish but doesn’t always bring her outfits justice.

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