Twin Peaks: Realization Time

Welcome to the penultimate post about the penultimate episode of season one! When you think of all the stuff that’s been revealed so far and some of the questions that have already been answered it’s kind of crazy to realize that this is the sixth episode. (I sure am bringing this dead meme back from the grave and going to get a few more sparks of life out of it before I toss it back just FYI.) Also if the formatting seems way off and different for this post it’s because I am trying out WP’s new editor and I 100% am just clicking things for the hell of it. 🤷‍♀️

Anyways, back to the post…

This episode simultaneously feels like it’s winding down and gearing up at the same time. We’ve learnt so much more about Laura and the town, we have a clear suspect list, some plausible motives and mountains of evidence. Some love affairs are ending as some begin and happy endings loom on the horizon. All that’s left is to see justice being served. Right?

Cooper was definitely feeling this way as he jauntily strolled back to his room at the Great Northern, satisfied with a good day’s work, hopefully a night of peaceful well earned sleep was just a few minutes away… when he happens upon an intruder in his room!

Of course it’s Audrey lol. She’s been through a lot within the past few days not to mention the past few hours! Every minute that goes by she happens upon further proof that her dad is a disgusting slimeball and she’s slowly relinquishing her need and desire for his approval. There’s a lot of emotional upheaval going on and in complete contrast to her villainous father we have Special Agent Dale Cooper.

Kind, smart, empathetic, the complete antithesis to Benjamin Horne. Who better to soothe all of Audrey’s hurts and fears?

What follows is one of my favourite scenes of all time. Cooper acknowledging the difference in power dynamics, her being in high school still, he being an agent for the FBI. Stating and recognizing the fact that this is wrong and most importantly this is not what will ultimately help Audrey or make her feel better in the long run. 

Even when Audrey presses him to say that he likes her, which Cooper admits he does. He thinks she’s intelligent and beautiful but what she really needs right now is a friend. Someone who’s going to listen to her so right now he’s going to go downstairs and get two chocolate malts and some french fries. When he comes back she’s going to tell him what’s been weighing heavy on her mind.

Isn’t that just the kindest thing? When I first watched this I really thought that this was going to be the beginning of the Cooper x Audrey relationship. They were definitely going to kiss and bone, especially because they’ve had Audrey explicitly state that she’s 18. 

When I was younger and more ignorant I would have been all for it! Cooper and Audrey’s chemistry is unreal. No network today would have passed a chance to launch a new ship and hook viewers for at least four more seasons. I mean like yeah, sure, Audrey is “legal” but Cooper and her are on two very different life stages. She’s about to finish high school, he’s getting deeper into his career. All of the things Audrey is about to experience for the first time.

Even from a storytelling standpoint this falls in line with Cooper’s morality. It’d be kind of hard to look at him as this upstanding, empathetic guy if he were to exploit Audrey’s vulnerability. Although according to the actress who plays Audrey, Sherilynn Fenn, says that the reason why Audrey’s romance with Cooper was derailed was because at the time, Kyle MacLachlan (Cooper) was dating Lara Flynn Boyle (Donna). Lara was mad that Sherilynn’s character was more popular so Kyle said that Cooper shouldn’t be with Audrey because she was too young

Neither Kyle or Lara have ever commented on this take but yeah… Here’s some old Twin Peaks gossip lol.

The next morning the deep freeze between Andy and Lucy has not thawed since we last saw them. Andy is just as confused as we are as to why Lucy suddenly despises him so much. Before Andy can press her for an answer she receives a phone call and stares Andy down until he leaves. Then we learn that Lucy is pregnant! 

The way she’s cold-shouldering him makes me think a) she’s worried that Andy might want the baby and she definitely does not want it, which is an awful situation to be in. Or b) Andy is not the father of her baby which is an entirely different awful situation. 

In another room, Doc Hayward and Harry are trying to learn more about Waldo, the Myna bird that bit Laura. Currently Waldo is really weak and not talking at all. Doc Hayward is figuring out what kind of food to feed it and worrying about its hydration levels lol. It’s imperative that they nurse Waldo back to health because as amazing as it seems he is their star witness. 

More reports from FBI headquarters come with the results from the evidence Cooper and Co. lifted from Jacques’ cabin. DNA confirms that Leo, Laura and Ronette were all present at the cabin that night. The only photo that developed from the roll of film Hawk found is of Laura with Waldo on her shoulder. The poker chip from One Eyed Jacks is also confirmed to be the one that Laura partially swallowed. 

With this confirmed, Cooper leaves his voice recorder to hopefully catch Waldo saying something and suggests that they do a little “field work” at One Eyed Jacks as they have also learnt that Jacques now works there as a dealer and bartender. However since the bar is in Canada it is way out of Harry’s official jurisdiction, but Cooper suggests that they use the Bookhouse Boys. 

Alright, so last time we saw Shelly and Leo, Shelly had just shot off her gun aimed at Leo, we heard them both scream and the screen went black. Well Leo is alive and now he knows for sure that Bobby is the one his wife is having an affair with. Shelly did manage to wound him in his arm and that has driven his ego crazy. So yeah, while he’s in hiding from the various crimes that he has committed/will commit the smart thing to do would be to generally disappear. But no. He has to stalk and terrorize Shelly like a crazy person before he kills her because his rap sheet isn’t long enough already. 

Poor Shelly, I think she’s feeling a mixture of “Oh my God I can’t believe I shot my husband,” and “Oh my God my husband isn’t dead so he’s going to kill me the minute I step out of this house.” Luckily for Shelly, Leo gives up his crazy stake out because he overhears Lucy talking to Waldo on the police scanner. I will say this about Leo, he knows how to prioritize. Poor Waldo. 

Back at the Palmers, Maddy plays the tape she found for Donna and James. This is another one of Laura’s little tapes for Dr. Jacoby so they sound highly suggestive and you can hear Laura’s manipulation clearly. She teases Jacoby with the fact that she’s probably going to have “big bad scary sex dreams” tonight, and how she feels so comfortable telling the recorder all her secrets, even the “naked” ones which she knows he likes. 

Laura wonders why it’s so easy to get men to like her, she doesn’t even have to try very hard. They also find an empty case labeled with the date Laura died. So they all decide to break into Jacoby’s office to get the tape back. Their plan is to pretend it’s Laura calling Jacoby to lure him out of the office.

It’s a big night for investigative work as all of our main characters make their final major moves.  We have Maddy sneaking out and dressed as Laura to lure Jacoby out of his office and the way James looks at Maddy dressed up as Laura just reconfirms that his romance with Donna is going nowhere.

Jacoby doesn’t believe that Maddy is actually Laura, I mean why should he? He went to her funeral, he sees how bereft her parents are, but this “Laura” on the phone has something to prove that she’s the real deal. She instructs Jacoby to check his  front door. There lies a package with a video cassette inside of Maddy as Laura holding up today’s newspaper. That is pretty irrefutable evidence. With this upperhand Maddy tells Jacoby to meet her at Sparkwood and 21 in ten minutes.

Jacoby is kind of debating whether or not to actually show up, I mean it is crazy, Laura Palmer alive??? Do you know how many questions that raises with no probable answer? Upon further revision of the tape he notices something in the background and knows that “Laura” is not at Sparkwood and 21 but at the gazebo. He decides to go there to confront whoever is really there. Laura or not. 

The male ego strikes again! This time Bobby absolutely needs to get revenge on James because he was seeing Laura on the side. Nevermind the fact that by this point Bobby and Laura weren’t even in love. Nevermind the fact that he was also already cheating on Laura with Shelly.

Bobby has been spying on the trio and it’s a true testament that this is all selfishly motivated because he doesn’t even notice Maddy who looks exactly like Laura. Wouldn’t that shock him at least??? Anyways, once he sees James and Donna head up to Jacoby’s office he plants some cocaine in James’ motorcyle. I mean hey, planting false evidence worked out in his favour before why not again?

However what Bobby fails to realize is that while he’s spying on James and the girls, someone else is spying on all four of them…

Audrey is hard at work on her little detective assignment by working the perfume counter at Hornes. While in the middle of pretending to sell to a customer she overhears Emory ask her coworker to meet him in his office in five minutes. Audrey surmises that Emory is doing a round of the store so she uses this time to sneak into his office and have a little snoop.

She hears him talking to her coworker, Jenny, explaining how everyone at the club liked her and they’re inviting her back for more work. He lets her know that she has total control over what she does at the club. She could be a hostess, a cocktail waitress or a “hospitality girl” which is his fancy word for escort. He then gives her a glass unicorn as a “gift”. Lame.

Emory leaves behind a little notebook full of names of girls with little ratings beside them and Audrey sees that Ronette is also listed in the book.

Later on Audrey uses everything she’s over heard to convince Jenny to give her the number for “Black Rose” the madam of One Eyed Jacks to secure her a space at the club for tonight. For the rest of the day Audrey tries to get a hold of Cooper to tell him what she’s learnt and her plan but because he is a busy FBI agent and cellphones were not a reliable or popular mode of communication yet none of her calls or messages to his room went through. So before Audrey leaves she slips a note under his door.

Harry decides to confront Josie about her being at the motel on Tuesday. Josie decides to lie and say she was at the mill but Harry quickly debunks that so Josie decides to tell the partial truth. She tells him that she was there so that she could take photos of Ben and Catherine as they have their affair as proof that something was going to happen. She casts further suspicion on Ben and Catherine as she states that she overheard Catherine on the phone talking about a fire at the mill. Josie is determined to not let that happen and now has sufficiently roped Harry in as her alibi.

I mean you and I know that Josie is in on Ben’s plan to commit arson and frame Catherine. We also know that she’s also tied up in something with Hank, who has a tense history with Harry separate from her. Harry, is in love and all he needs to know is that he’s in trouble and here he comes, her literal white knight.

Later that night Catherine is visited by an investor agent (Mr. Neff) because apparently they are missing her signature for a new life insurance policy that she took out. It’s kind of gratifying to see something as small as a clerical error such as Ben Horne withholding the last page that required Catherine’s signature, aroused the suspicion of Mr. Neff as he found it irregular for someone to take out such a large life insurance policy on themselves but never have time to go in and discuss their beneficiaries. 

Catherine already knew she was being duped the moment Mr. Neff came to collect her insurance, but now upon seeing the last page and seeing that Josie Packard was going to be the beneficiary for a million dollar life insurance policy if she were to die? And the fact that Ben was the one that started this whole process? It’s going to be interesting to see how Catherine gets out of this predicament. 

As Cooper and Ed get ready to go undercover, Waldo is feeling loads better and starts speaking! Because he’s a myna bird he accurately mimics what was said to him and the voice of the speaker.  Suddenly a gunshot is heard and Cooper, Hawk and Big Ed run in to see that Waldo has been assassinated. Replaying the tape they hear Waldo mimic Laura. It’s super eerie hearing Waldo-as-Laura calling her name and then it gets even creepier when you hear Waldo-as-Laura saying “Hurting me, stop it, Leo no.”

Now that the Icelanders are ready to sign their commitment to Ghostwood Estates, they want to have a signing party at Jack’s, Ben quickly gets Jerry to herd them up onto a bus and out to Jack’s;  while he calls Josie to find out where Catherine is. Catherine is gone from the lodge but it is critical to his and Josie’s plan for her to burn with the mill which is set for tonight. However what Ben doesn’t realize is that Josie is beholden to Hank for some sort of favour. Our double crosser might be double crossed and we can’t say that that’s not karma.

Upstairs at the club Audrey is clocking in for her first shift at Jack’s with a little interview with Blacky, which seems kind of redundant after being vetted at the store but whatever; I don’t know how sex trafficking works.

Anyways, Audrey in her arrogance uses the fake name of “Hester Prynne” falsely believing that anyone who works here couldn’t possibly know about The Scarlet Letter. Blacky is ready to throw this imposter out but Audrey wows her with tying a cherry stem with her tongue which then pretty much became the definitive sexiness test that has permeated the masses.

Downstairs, Ed has just lost some of the money Cooper loaned him to gamble and fit in. Not to worry though because Cooper has been cleaning up at blackjack so they can use his winnings to cover Ed’s losses. Just as Cooper gets ready to case the casino again, the next guy to take over the blackjack table is none other than Jacques Renaud.

And that’s where the episode ends folks. Everyone is currently in place the finale next week is definitely going to be explosive as everyone makes their moves. 

Fave Looks:

First up we have Bobby in his casual wear. Perfect for conducting an affair, running a secret revenge operation or anything really. The reason he’s here is because 10/10 would wear this outfit in real life. Looks comfy af.

Ben makes a return to the list because I love it when someone can mix up some patterns. Plus, the colour scheme for this suit is A1.

I’m going to end this off with my Icelandic Queen Heba. The Icelanders throughout this series have been shown to always be down for a good time and a passion for partying. Heba always has the best party gowns.

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