Twin Peaks: The Last Evening

Welcome to the last post for season one guys!!! I did it!!! It started to get a bit more daunting near the end there for me. I was feeling confident and proud of myself for doing this continuously and then my self sabotaging side made me want to stop. Lol, maybe I do love misery. But, I did it. I kept on, every week a post went up and that was pretty much the goal. Good job, me. Well partially. Except for this last one which is almost late lol. But yeah, this is pretty good for me. 

I will tackle season two in the new year only because I have finals coming in the next week and a lot of holiday stuff to deal with, hopefully make more money etc. I have a few year end posts that will be coming out in December as well so I won’t have the time to put together the posts for TPS2. Plus, I’d like a nice breather before jumping into it all again, like let everything in season one…digest I guess?

In the previous episode everyone moved into position to make their final moves and this episode we will explore the outcomes of all of our characters’ actions.

Last we saw Donna and James they had just broken into Jacoby’s office to see what other tapes or Laura he may be hiding. So far none of them has discovered the drugs Bobby has planted in James’ bike. They don’t have to search long before Donna finds Jacoby’s secret coconut. Inside they realize that Jacoby was the one who removed James’ half of the necklace that they had hid.

Now that they found what they came to find (heh…) they ride back to Maddy who has just been chilling by the gazebo as far as I know. They really should have taken her with them, I mean they deliberately told Jacoby to meet them at another location so there’s no real use for her to hang around. Especially when they don’t edit their video properly and realize they left a big clue as to where they actually are.

Which is unfortunate for Maddy as Jacoby was able to deduce that they are in fact at the gazebo. Thanks to Maddy’s uncanny resemblance to Laura, Jacoby starts to believe that she is the real thing. At his moment of complete joy someone comes from out of the bushes and literally tries to beat him to death with a rock! This could be the person who was spying on Bobby in the previous episode and breathing extremely heavily.

Luckily for Maddy but unluckily for Jacoby, Donna and James arrive and whisk Maddy off to safety but Jacoby can barely get a breath in so he can’t scream for help. The Heavy Breath Man was for sure going to target Maddy next. Either because he believes she’s Laura or knows that she’s the fake Laura.

Back at One Eyed Jack’s, Cooper is in a very intense game of Blackjack with Jacques Renaud. Cooper leaves Jacques a thousand dollar chip as a tip, but it’s not any regular chip. It’s the one that Laura bit off that fateful night she died in Jacques’ cabin. This is all part of Coop’s grand plan as he then tells Jacques that he is a “friend of Leo’s” and offers to buy him a cocktail.

Upstairs, Audrey is about to start her first shift as a “hospitality girl,” when she notices Cooper on the monitors. Blacky informs Audrey that tonight is a good night for her to start as the owner of the club is coming by tonight and he likes to spend time with the new girls. We all know that the owner is Ben, but Audrey doesn’t so she’s in for one traumatising night.

Now that Cooper has isolated Jacques, Big Ed is free to leave the casino and hang out with Hawk as they listen in on Cooper and Jacques’ conversation. Cooper seems to be making up his story on the fly, acting like he’s been the one bankrolling the entire drug operation. He plays on Jacques’ feelings of ill usage, pointing out how Leo had him and his brother taking all of the risk. To further prove his knowledge of Leo and himself Cooper mentions the fact that he knows what happened to Laura up in Jacques’ cabin that night, and that chip was the one she bit down on.

Now that Jacques believes, Cooper says he has a special trip for Jacques across the border tonight, with no middleman Jacques gets 100% of the fee. That’s ten grand, and there’s no way that Jacques is going to ignore that. Feeling more amiable towards Cooper now, Jacques has no problem telling him the details of the last night of Laura’s life. The man is giving him ten grand! Plus he’s just as shady as Jacques (so it seems) so this is really just a good bragging opportunity for Jacques.

Jacques says it’s all because of Waldo that Laura bit the chip. She and Ronette had gotten high, then Leo tied her up and was having sex with her when Waldo was released, he landed on Laura’s shoulder and started biting her neck. When Laura told Leo that she was being hurt, Leo took out the chip and stuck it in her mouth and told her to “bite the bullet.”

They do this whole scene with close ups of Cooper’s eyes and unfortunately Jacques’ mouth and teeth and the whole thing is sordid enough without that visual.

Cooper and Co. get ready to move out because they have accomplished what they set out to do. They successfully laid their trap for Jacques and his capture was a success. Especially by Andy who was able to disarm Jacques with his gun after failing dismally a few weeks ago. 

Back in Twin Peaks, Shelly, still a prisoner in her own home decides to take a shower. However because she can’t let her guard down, she has to have an uncomfortable sink shower, because at least this way she won’t be naked and vulnerable and her gun is within easy reach. This is sound logic but because Leo is so determined on hurting Shelly and he has more knowledge of these shady goings so he has no problem with sneaking in and overpowering Shelly. And of course the whole time he blames Shelly for “making him do this.”🙄

Back at the Haywards, Donna, James and Maddy listen to Laura’s missing tape. In it Laura details her boredom with James and her other secret boyfriend. She teases Jacoby with how dangerous her Mystery Man is and how he’s even tried to kill her a few times…but she got off on that tightrope walk between life and death. She muses about how weird sex can be as James fumes and Donna looks at James with tears in her eyes.

I don’t think they’re tears for Laura though. I think they’re more misguided than that. Donna can see from the set of James’ jaw that he’s upset and she thinks it’s because Laura was cheating on him (while cheating with him.) And Donna is just sad over the fact that he’s hurting and how could Laura treat him that way, while James is mad that Laura treated him that way. All I can say is, James, you lose ’em how you got ’em.

At the mill, Leo is literally killing two birds with one stone. The original plan was just for Catherine to perish in the fire but then Shelly had to go and shoot him so now he has to kill her too. 🙄 Apparently, she “broke his heart.” What’s crazy about this is how uncrazy it actually is. I can think of five similar stories off the bat as I was watching. If you want me to list all of the ones I’ve heard/experienced you wouldn’t have time lmao. Men are wild.

Over at Big Ed’s house, Nadine is planning the most dramatic suicide in the world. It’s interesting how ceremonious she makes it. Everything fits an exact image that only exists in her mind. From the literal gown she’s wearing and fans about her knees just so, to writing her goodbye letter on a silver tray, pouring out the pills into a bowl like some perverse picnic. I admire the pageantry of it all but not the reason for it.

If you all thought Josie secretly being in cahoots with Ben and plotting the death of her sister-in-law was bad enough, we finally learn what’s the deal between Hank and Josie. Remember that boating accident that left Josie a widow? That was due to Hank. To alleviate suspicion he went to jail for 18 months on a different charge and when he got out Josie paid him 90 grand. Now that he’s out however, 90 grand doesn’t seem worth his stretch in prison.

I mean, calculating how much time you lost while you were in prison and trying to put that into a monetary amount is so arbitrary. Who can really say? It just reinforces my belief that money comes and goes but when time is gone? It’s just gone.

Josie is quickly realising what a mistake she made in partnering up with Hank, who’s made it clear that he believes once you go into business with someone you’re bonded for life. Which makes sense to me because even though Josie paid him for “services rendered” they both have information on each other that could ruin both of their lives, so they have to put their trust in someone who they know is untrustworthy.

I bet Josie tries something dumb like hiring someone else to try to kill Hank lol.

Back at the mill’s office, Catherine is ransacking it trying to find the account ledgers to foil Josie and Ben’s plan. With nowhere else to turn she gives a remorseful plea to Pete, to remember what they once had and to help her as she is in trouble. It’s a masterful performance, her voice actually trembles with emotion. It completely wins Pete over and he throws himself onto her. I think she definitely meant to ask him to help and she still can’t tolerate him but sometimes I can’t tell if that look on her face is just adoring (very, very, very, very, very slightly) exasperation at her husband or she’s just putting up with it because she needs him right now.

Andy, fresh off his triumph of subduing Jacques Renaud is getting roundly congratulated when Lucy moseys on over to eavesdrop. Like Angela from the Office she is moved by Andy’s act of bravery and after the two seemingly reunite she tells Andy that she’s pregnant. He reacts by walking away. Which is definitely not the reaction I would have expected from him.

At the hospital, Cooper and Harry are interrogating Jacques about his role in Laura’s murder. Jacques divulges that it was Laura’s idea to take the photos for Flesh World and coerced Ronette into also placing an ad. Jacques passes out outside after having a minor drunken spat with Leo and when he came to, Leo and the girls were gone.

Catherine receives a mysterious call from Hank telling her the exact location of the ledgers she is looking for. At this point I’m not sure if Hank is still carrying out the rest of his deal with Josie by leading Catherine directly to the mill where the fire is going to happen or if he’s operating on his own and trying to stir shit up just for the sake of it. Either way, his call has Catherine out the door and armed.

Hank is the biggest scammer in Twin Peaks honestly lol. He got 90 grand from Josie, deliberately caused some drama and then found some time to try to sweet talk Norma into taking him back as her husband. Norma still has some reservations but her defences are low. She just ended things with Ed and Hank is here saying all of those nice guy things like how he dreamt about her in prison, it’s almost their 20 year anniversary, he’s going to work so hard to show her how he’s changed etc.

At the police station the work is far from over. Lucy has received a tip from “Leo” telling them to look at James Hurley as a suspect. “Leo” was really Bobby putting on a deep voice. At that moment James comes hurling into the station urgently needing to speak to Harry over what he and Donna discovered tonight from Laura’s tape. Harry himself was on his way out Easter Park where Lucy says she heard the clock chiming during “Leo’s” call.

Before Harry can leave however, Leland Palmer is there begging to know if it’s true that they caught the man who killed his daughter. Harry can’t comment any further but to say that the man they have is only a suspect. To Leland however, a suspect pretty much means a killer who hasn’t confessed yet. His grief has become so bad that at this point I think his need to end it is overpowering his love for Laura. He believes that if he can confront the source of the grief then maybe he will feel better.

I wonder why so many of us can’t deal with introspection but are experts at figuring out what’s wrong with others. Is it the fact that there might not be a concrete answer? Is it just too emotionally castigating? I don’t know, I also hate doing it lol. But like the saying goes, “wherever you go, there you are.”

In another room James surrenders Laura’s tape to Cooper telling him that he needs to look at a man with a red corvette. Cooper is less than friendly to James as he mentions that Jacoby is in the hospital with a heart attack and has deduced the plan that James and Donna carried out. Unfortunately for James, acting on Bobby’s little tip they found the stash of coke planted in his bike.

Back at One Eyed Jack’s, Ben finally gets his Ghostwood Estates project financed by the Icelanders. As soon as the contracts are signed Ben gets a call from Hank telling him that Leo Johnson will not be able to follow through with the arson as he is about to be placed under arrest, Ben then tells Hank to go ahead with it anyways. Unlike most of the characters in this show, Ben always has a backup plan.

Now that Ben has finally succeeded in his plans he wants to “celebrate” and what better away than to molest “the new girl.” To Audrey’s horror (and eventually a great help) she sees her father in the mirror first before he can see her. This is the last scene of the episode for Audrey and it always leaves me on edge because I can’t imagine the terror and horror she must be going through. As a “hospitality girl” they don’t wear that much to begin with so how will Audrey be able to hide her identity? Or will her dad have some uncomfortable questions to answer?

Remember the busy night that Hank has already had? Well he’s not done yet! Turns out he lied to Ben and the only “house call” Leo is getting is from him. Luckily for Bobby that Leo got shot when he did because Leo was literally about to hack him to pieces with an axe.

Meanwhile at the mill Shelly is stilled tied up, watching the egg timer tick down the minutes of her life when Catherine shows up to their mutual surprise. Unfortunately, Catherine has arrived slightly too late as the timer has ended and the fire has started. Catherine finally frees Shelly as the mill starts to burn around them. Pete, seeing that Catherine’s car is parked outside, decides to run into the burning building to save his wife. The hero she needs, but not the hero she deserves.

At the same time, at the hospital, Leland has smothered Jacques to death in his sleep. Just a few weeks ago, he was a mild mannered businessman but then his daughter was murdered and that set in motion events that turned Leland himself into a murderer. He couldn’t have picked a better night to carry this out if he had planned it ages ago.

Due to the chaos of the evening, all Leland had to do was show up, pull the fire alarm and get some “justice.” It’d be quite easy for him to get away with it, but considering his already emotionally distressed state, how will murdering Jacques change Leland even more?

As it is almost 5AM, Cooper makes his way back to his room for a few moments rest. Once again, he’s feeling pretty good about walking back to his room. They have one suspect in custody, he believes that Leo won’t be able to escape the dragnet they’ve set out for him so all in all he deserves a few hours of shut eye.

Before he turns in, he finds Audrey’s note and receives an urgent call from Andy but before he can hear that they’ve found Leo, Cooper is shot!

And so ends season one of Twin Peaks. I can’t even do favourite looks this episode because everyone is still wearing the same thing that they wore in the last one lol.  Thanks to everyone that checked in on my posts, I will be back in January 2019 with season two!

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