Twin Peaks: May the Giant Be With You

Happy 2019 everyone! Hope everyone had a fun holidays and are excited for the upcoming year ahead. My holidays were alright, I am hopeful that the new year will be one of continuous growth and that everything is only uphill from here. The ending of 2018 was a lot harder than I expected it to be. I am endeavoring to let it go and move on.

Anyways! I was a lot more hopeful that December would be full of a few more posts to bridge the gap between season one and two of Twin Peaks, but alas no. Hopefully now that I’m back with Twin Peaks, everything else will start to flow a lot easier. I am still posting my season one recaps onto The Orange Club every Tuesday, and on Plathway I will now be posting Twin Peaks recaps every Thursday.

We have a whopping twenty-two episodes to go! I think at least two are feature length as well, so this is going to be a long ride. After that I will be reading the Secret History of Twin Peaks before tackling season three. I’m still not sure how I’m going to structure the book posts but I’ll figure it out by then.

I will say that I don’t love season two of Twin Peaks as much as I loved season one. Only because it’s so big and you can tell in the middle that they were scrambling to try to get new mysteries and stuff after they were pressured into revealing who actually killed Laura. The mysticism is really heavy handed this season and just when it finds it’s path again, Twin Peaks gets cancelled lol. But whatever, we’re here for a good time not a long time so without further ado…

Alright so in the season two opener we are back just mere seconds after Cooper was shot, by who? Just another mystery we’ll have to solve this season. On the phone Andy is frantically calling for Cooper because just as he was shot the police department finally closed in on Leo.

Now that we’re comfortable with the characters and the town, they just jump right into all the weirdness. An old server shambles into Cooper’s room with a glass of milk announcing room service. This scene doesn’t seem weird to the giant at all as he comes closer to Cooper he asks him how he’s doing. Coop takes this in stride and just tells him to set the milk on the table and to call a doctor.

What follows is kind of a funny exchange as the server misunderstands nearly everything that Cooper says. He hangs up the phone and insistently lets Cooper know that he’s done so while Coop is asking if he called a doctor and then instead of that he just hands Cooper the bill to sign and offers him somd advice such as the milk will turn cool on him if he just continues to lay there…shot. He then shuffles back and forth telling Cooper that he’s heard about him and tries to make him give Cooper’s signature thumbs up sign.

An unknown amount of time passes and as Cooper comes to again, there is a giant standing above him, saying that he will tell him three things and if those things come true, the Giant asks if that will make Cooper a believer. Finally the Giant takes Cooper’s ring promising to return it to him when he finds these three things to be true.

The first thing I will tell you is, there’s a man in a smiling bag. Second thing is, the owls are not what they seem. Third thing is without chemicals, he points.

I really thought getting back into the Twin Peaks-verse would be harder but nope, they just throw you in and Cooper is having another one of his mad dreams that will somehow solve the whole case.

Back at One Eyed Jack’s, my girl Audrey is in some serious trouble. Her dad, high off his success is adamant on banging the new girl and Audrey is adamant on not being assaulted by her father. In another room, her uncle Jerry is peeved and is demanding to know which room Ben is in from Blacky, the madam of OEJ.

We learn that the Horne brothers got Blacky hooked on heroin and the reason why she lets them have access to “new girls” is that they feed the habit they gave her. Jerry shows his propensity for cruelty is the same as his brother’s as he taunts Blacky over her addiction. This ends up fortunate for Audrey as Jerry calls Ben away in the nick of time. They apparently have a problem with their business deal and now Audrey is left to confront who her father really is and what her allegiance to him should be.

Back at the Great Northern, Cooper has once again regained conciousness and does the most comforting thing he is able to do at the moment and that is to record a report for Diane. He lists all of the things that he wishes he could have done or still wants to do, and is greatful that he remembered to wear a bullet proof vest. Doing all of this is more so of an exercise for him to kee his conciousness but as he goes to relate his tale of seeing the Giant he discovers that his ring is indeed missing and before he can ponder the magnitude of that discovery, Hawk and Truman are there to rescue him and get him so medical attention. Unfortunately for everything that he can remember so far, he can’t remember who shot him.

Now that he is on the road to recovery, Truman and Lucy give him the update of what he’s missed since he was out of commission. Leo was shot, Jacques was murdered, the mill burned down, Shelly and Pete were in there and are now suffering from smoke inhalation, Josie and Catherine are missing, Nadine is in a coma from excessive sleeping pills. The crazy thing is, he’d only been out for a few hours. It’s been an eventful night for the town and that’s only half of our cast of characters accounted for so far!!

In a fascimile of normalcy, Maddy and her aunt Sarah are sharing a morning cup of coffee and Sarah is trying to make idle small talk with her but Maddy is intently staring at the rug. When Sarah asks her why, Maddy shares to her a vision she had with the rug covered in blood and asks if Sarah had visions too. Before Sarah can respond, Leland strolls in jaunty as can be and singing Mairzy Doats and doing quite a good rendeition of it tbh.

The 180 in personality is jarring enough but Leland’s hair has turned completely white overnight! Now we all know that Leland murdered Jacques because he believed that he killed his daughter so this is a really heavy handed metaphor for murder changing a person. Before this Leland was on a break from reality already but in his grief he was at least able to retain the part of himself that was a husband, father, lawyer and a whole personality.

When Laura was killed he lost a part of his identity as a father and let go of his identity as a husband and was told to rest from his identity as a lawyer. I think that when he killed Jacques, a part of him was happy to surrender the last vestiges of himself. The cost of him still remembering who he was before Laura died was too painful for him to bear so trading that in for blissful ignorance sounds like a much better choice.

At the Great Northern, Ben and Jerry are running through a list of new problems as a result of last night. Some of the items on their agenda is a location on Catherine Martell and if she will be able to take the fall for the fire, a complete medical breakdown on Leo Johnson–especially if he will make a full recovery. Hank Jennings also needs to be questioned as to why Leo is not actually dead.

Before they can continue, Leland announces his return by singing and dancing to Mairzy Doats again. You can never say that the Horne brothers aren’t down for a good time because they quickly get over any initial shock and join him and dance.

After that brief whimsical interlude we’re plunged back into the criminal world of Twin Peaks. Truman and his department are over at Leo Johnson’s house, searching for evidence on his involvement with Laura Palmer’s death and also evidence of who shot him.

Cooper is quickly able to deduce that there were actually three people in the house that night. Leo was trying to kill someone who fell against the TV and someone shot him through the window. Before they can elaborate further, Hawk comes back from his search of Leo’s home. They didn’t find any cocaine but they did find a new issue of Fleshworld. They also find Leo’s duster which reeks of gasoline. Harry puts two and two together and suspects that Leo was the cause of the mill fire.

Outside, the oft-disliked (but my beloved) Agent Albert Rosenfield has returned to Twin Peaks to assist in the investigation of who shot Agent Cooper. In Andy’s haste to let Harry know Rosenfield has arrived, he stumbles on one of the loose floorboards on Leo’s deck. Even though Andy was at risk of a concussion, underneath the floorboard was Leo’s hidden cocaine stash and a pair of boots that might match some footprints.

At the Double R Diner, Maddy is waiting for Donna to arrive so that she can ask how James is doing in prison. She is also feeling immensely guilty about Jacoby having a heart attack and ending up in the hospital.

Additionally she also has the sunglasses that Donna wanted from Laura. This whole scene has always been kind of weird to me because both girls don’t seem like themselves and it seems to have something to do with Laura’s sunglasses.

Like when Maddy has them on, there’s a certain hardness in the way she sits and how her face is set. Her eyes seem more hooded and her stare more pointed when she usually seems softer. Like she used to kind of just melt into her seat and her face was more open and trusting. Even when Donna first encounters Maddy she’s a bit taken aback but she doesn’t know why.

When Donna puts the sunglasses on, you see her go through a very faint transformation too. Her posture is more upright and she seems to be f e e l i n g herself. Which is great but kind of out of the norm for that to just suddenly come upon you. She even hastily whips them off because she knows it’s weird she just doesn’t know why it is.

While Maddy tells Donna how her uncle’s hair turned white, Norma approaches Donna saying she has some mail. Inside is a simple note that urges her to look into the meels on wheels program that Laura and Norma started.

At the police station, Harry is interrogating James about the 3 oz of cocaine they found in his gas tank as well as the tape to Jacoby that was found on him. Harry is thanking James for his help and trying to nudge him away from detecting when James brings up the other mystery guy that Laura was seeing. Harry and Cooper believe it to be Leo because of the red corvette clue, but James suspects that it’s somebody else entirely.

Hearing Laura say that this other guy “really lights her fire” reminds him of a time when they first got together and Laura started “acting spooky” saying some kind of a poem about fire and then asked if James would like to play with fire, and if James wanted to play with BOB.

Of all the things that Laura has said and according to James she said “a lot of nutty stuff.” But this stuck though.

The strange case of the transformative sunglasses continues! There is a definite change in the way Donna walks. Even Lucy is taken aback and has to clarify if it’s really Donna. And as if Donna would have ever smoked INSIDE a police station before this!!

But anyways, she’s here to see James because they’re in ~love. James finally notices something that had been bothering me for a bit. Donna’s smoking. She never smoked before this and I wasn’t sure because her demeanour when smoking seems so natural and fluid. James is highly resistant to this drastic change in Donna’s personality who is way more forward than ever, telling him huskily, to “get out soon” before she sucks his finger.

I will say that I am slightly okay with Donna x James in this instance because they are a very attractive couple together. I don’t know what James did between season one and two but he looks WAY more attractive this season. Even though he still has that stupid 8 year old boy haircut.

Upstairs, Cooper, despite knowing that Andy and Lucy are absolutely frosty with each other, has paired them up to look at back issues of Fleshworld to see if someone named Teresa Banks has ever appeared. Talk about the most awkward, uncomfortable task to be forced to do with your ex who literally walked out when you told them you were pregnant!

Further backstory on Teresa Banks. Whoever killed Laura also killed Teresa as there are hallmarks in Laura’s murder that match Teresa’s exactly. Teresa’s case has been one that has stayed with Cooper for awhile and seeing all of these connections like this is making him hopeful that perhaps he could solve two murders.

Jacoby has come to so Cooper and Harry go to the hospital to interrogate him and his role in Laura’s life. As Jacoby explains how and why he came into possession of the other half heart of the necklace he summarizes it up as it was a keepsake of Laura. He felt the divided heart symbolised her perfectly as she was living a double life. At their last session before her death, Jacoby remembers that Laura seemed to be at peace with herself finally but now he realises she had just decided to die. She didn’t commit suicide but she “maybe allowed herself to be killed.” Which is a big mood lol.

As Cooper, Harry and Rosenfield get ready to leave the hospital they stop by to check in on Ed. Nadine is in a coma and there’s nothing much they can do now but wait. Ed tells the story of how he and Nadine got married and it’s truly the stupidest thing.

Ed and Norma had been high school sweethearts but then one day they got into a bad fight so Norma being petty went to hang out with Hank Jennings. This ~broke Ed and that’s when he noticed Nadine standing in front of him for the first time. He thought that there was something so sweet and helpless about her so they hang out together all night and drive randomly and end up in Montana. By this point Ed is drunk and sad so instead of dealing with his problems in a healthy way he proposes to Nadine. And then when they came back Norma was ready to talk to Ed, she hadn’t even slept with Hank and here Ed is…married. As if Ed hasn’t caused enough emotional damage he takes Nadine to his dad’s cabin as their “honeymoon” where he was hoping to eventually talk about divorce. What the fuck right? But THEN while they were hunting Ed shoots a pheasant but a piece of buckshot broke off, pinged off a rock and hit Nadine in the eye. And that’s why he decided to stay with her all these years. And then cheat on her. Because men.

After hearing this sob story of Ed’s Cooper glances up and notices this body bag being drained and is reminded of the first of the Giant’s clues.

They finally make it back to the police station where Cooper lays his theory out to Harry, Andy, Hawk and Lucy.

On the night of Laura’s murder she made two appointments. One was to meet James Hurley, who is the “J” that she was nervous to meet because she wanted to break up with him. Before she left she received a telephone call from Leo Johnson setting up the second appointment. Cooper’s theory eliminates both Leo and Jacques as responsible for the murder of Laura. Laura did see them her last night and had consensual sex with both, it was actually a third man that then abducted both Laura and Ronette after Jacques and Leo left.

Harry has escorted Pete home where they find a letter from Josie saying she went to Seattle to deal with an urgent business matter. Harry is unsettled but Pete thinks she’s just there shopping. To further stress Harry out he gets an anonymous call asking to speak to Josie. Unfortunately Harry is going to keep holding onto the hope that Josie can give him a reasonable explaination for all this but we all know she won’t. It’s not like she’s going to tell him that she’s in Seattle to give herself an alibi for the fire.

The episode ends on a really creepy note. Ronette wakes up from her coma as she remembers seeing her friend murdered by BOB. What stays with me most now is the look in Laura’s eyes as she’s screaming while BOB beats her to death. It’s almost like she’s smiling, and showing some kind of manic glee at finally getting to die.

Favourite Looks:

I love vixen!Donna or dark!Donna. Whatever, I love her. She is seriously hair goals for me, but my mane will never look as magnificent. 😓

Second up is Audrey. Honestly, having her trapped in the brothel is probably just an excuse to have her lounge around in nightgowns all the time. But ugh, her face!!! And I love fancy nightgowns to be honest. I really need to make them more of a “thing” for me.

Finally, making her first entry into #FaveLooks is Lucy Moran! The queen of oversized sweaters, I am loving the colour story of her outfit! This is also one of the few rare times they actually show her out from behind her desk.

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