love letter to my neighbourhood

i love you best between the hours of 4:45-6:17pm on a friday night. i love your restaurants and chefs getting ready for the incoming tourists that you so graciously host. i love your mothers, fathers, grandmothers, grandfathers, aunties, uncles, big sisters, big brothers, little sisters, little brothers trundling home with their groceries ready to nourish you warm little bodies with love and warmth in the guise of soup and vegetables and the good part of the dinner that you give up because of love love love

i love how soft the light is at this time. i love how i can chase the sunset from saffron to ochre to fuschia to lavender to navy to ink.

i love the little babies going to kumon, going to tae kwon do, stopping at phoenix for an egg tart or a hot dog bun or at rose’s for a banh mi. i love the sound the 504 makes as it trundles up broadview i love you for that schtz schtz schtz sound that sometimes happens when the wires get crossed

i love you for your little 12 year old asian boys who’s arms and legs are way too big for their bodies. so thin their fanny packs wrap around their waist three times as they dart in and out of traffic, utterly fearless except for yelling aunties that yell out of love and fear because they love you so much and in those quick seconds as you leap between cars you could have been lost. i love you for your big brown eyes and those dear soft baby cheeks that are melting rapidly to unveil cheekbones, jaws

i love you for your little girls, when they all walk down the street together, all of that gorgeous long black hair like miles of silk trailing behind them. i love you for your sweet giggles, i love you when you run after your little brothers, i love you all for going to the same store together and buying a little snack on your way home, i love you, i love you

i love all of my elder siblings, i love you as you hold yourself back from doing what your younger sibling does, i love you through those times when you hate them, i love you through the times when you feel so bad for hating them and i believe you because i know you dont mean it. you love them and i love you.

oh, i love you for your noise and your smells and one quick turn i love you for how quiet it is

i love how warm you always look even though my nose is cold and i can see my breath.

i love your grandmas and grandpas and the way they nourish their bodies in the same park where i go to breathe poison into mine

i love you in winter and how all of your bare branches look underneath that soft, soft light that only happens at 4:37, i love you in summer when you’re verdant and jade and emerald, i love you when its grey and rainy and the mud threatens to suck the shoes off my feet but i love you anyways

i love you for your half flickering neon signs, your lazy winding rivers of light in the distance, i love you for that perfect orange pink glow when i sneak around late at night

i love you for your softness, oh, oh, oh, oh.

i love you tenderly, madly, with every part of me, i love you for the pavement that i can feel through my shoes,

i love you well, i love you always

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