Twin Peaks: Coma

Hello everyone, I hope 2019 has gotten off to a good start for you all. It’s alright so far for me. I’m really focused on my growth and stuff this year and have been trying to put as much intentional effort into achieving my goals as I can every single day.

One of my goals is definitely to write more consistently and to become a more engaging and refined while doing so. (lol this is in no way counts my very last post, which I wrote while I was on LSD. Which actually saves me from writing about my experience because love letter to my neighbourhood pretty much sums up the entire trip.) I’ve also been working on a personal essay for The Orange Club that I will hopefully finish soon and have the nerve to share.

As I’ve said before this is the main reason for all of my Twin Peaks recaps. I’ve been going over all of the season one recaps and even writing the recap for s02e01 I find myself reporting (and dully) everything that happens in the episode and I leave nothing to the imagination.

This was further hammered in as I was reading a book by G. Norman Lippert. He has this tendency to explain every single nuance of the Harry Potter world in his series, even though it follows that the main audience for his series are people who are already Harry Potter fans so he really doesn’t have to explain what the Chamber of Secrets is in every single book.

I get where he’s coming from when he does that though. It’s just being too overly accommodating to the reader and not allowing their own interpretations and imaginations to manifest, which really takes all of the fun out of reading. So I’m going to try to stop reporting and hopefully when I look back on these posts I’ll see a growth in them.


Season two didn’t give any of us time to acclimatize ourselves to Twin Peaks, they just pushed us in and left us to absorb the aftermath of the most chaotic night in the world. By far the most interesting thing to happen in that episode was Ronette Pulaski waking up from her coma.

The next morning Albert and Cooper are having breakfast at the Great Northern, while they are discussing the case, Albert displays a rare moment of softness when he inquires how Cooper is doing. The shock on Coop’s face makes me believe this may be the first time that Albert has displayed any sort of tenderness towards him and/or anyone. Although Albert quickly covers it up by telling Cooper not to get sentimental and saying he is always checking up on his gunshot wound; to me it reads like Albert is asking him if Cooper is okay mentally and emotionally as well. He knows how Cooper throws himself into his cases and his commitment to pursuing the truth, he’s just hoping Cooper doesn’t lose his childlike enthusiasm for life while doing it.

During this breakfast we are first introduced to a character called Windom Earle. Albert lets Cooper know that he was one the reasons that brought him back to Twin Peaks besides the case. Windom was a former FBI agent and Cooper’s partner who according to Albert is currently confined to a share with wrist restraints in a sanitarium before he escaped and has since vanished. Cooper states solemnly that this is not good.

Donna has taken over Laura’s former Meals-on-Wheels route in order to further investigate her best friend’s disappearance. While on her route she encounters an elderly woman and her grandson who does a magic trick for her. She tries to ask them about Laura and they direct her to Mr. Smith who is a recluse next door. She was told that they were friends so Donna leaves him a note.

Now that Ronette is awake, if mute, Cooper decides to show her some police sketches to see if she could positively identify the man/men who hurt her and Laura. Leo Johnson is absolved of murder but when she sees Bob she goes into a full on fit. I don’t blame her, Bob is terrifying. As awful as putting her through that trauma again is, at least now that they have a definite ID they can start putting up some signs to warn the public.

Leland ends up recognizing BOB when he spots a poster in Ben’s office. He was his grandfather’s neighbour. This is an interesting development as before Ronette, the only person to have actually SEEN BOB was Cooper in a dream. Now that two people have confirmed to have actually known who (or what) he is…The question still remains if he’s human or spirit.

We finally get an update on the Andy x Lucy drama! Turns out a few years ago Andy went to donate his sperm at a Tacoma sperm bank because they were asking for donors and he felt like it was his civic duty. During the physical they discovered that he was sterile, now as slow as Andy may be, (he thought ‘sterile’ meant he would never have to take a bath again.) He still wants to know how and why Lucy is pregnant. Lucy, is affronted and does not deign to answer him. Still doesn’t change the validity of his question though.

Ben, the worst parent in the world, FINALLY reports Audrey missing as she’s been held against her will at his brothel for the past two days. Thank God that Audrey is quick on her feet and has a penchant for sneaking around. Not only that she’s incredibly committed too! Even in her circumstances she still manages to sniff out which room Emory Battis is in, and interrogate him! Battis confirms that Laura and Ronette did indeed work there, but they kicked Laura out after they found out she was using drugs.

At this point I’m not sure if we should classify Audrey as having been kidnapped or not. She has been missing for a few days, and in the previous episodes, Blacky makes it clear that she’s not pleased with Audrey’s work performance and seemed to make it clear that Audrey was not allowed to leave. However, Audrey staying put doesn’t seem like her MO, so she must have been truly committed to her self-given mission lol. Although now that her true identity has been revealed, I guess she is being kidnapped and held hostage by Blacky who is yearning for revenge against Ben Horne.

We haven’t checked in on Shelly and Bobby in awhile and while they both went through some traumatic experiences That Night, things seem to be going swimmingly for them now. Leo is essentially a vegetable right now, so Shelly is safe and is free to be with Bobby openly.

However, Leo gets a very handsome disability benefit. Apparently it’s a bit over 5000$ a month. I don’t know if this is a truck driver benefit, or for the time this was shot in this was a reasonable amount or this is actually normal either way the amount is STAGGERING to me. So I can’t really fault Bobby for talking Shelly into a plan that will keep Leo out of prison and at home with her.

At first Shelly is adamant that she doesn’t care about the money, she just wants Leo gone. If it was me, I’d be crushed (cause I’m greedy) but I’d understand becaus Leo was a consumate asshole to her. Bobby is thinking this without truly considering the abuse Shelly went through. He feels that using this money to be able to pay her bills, or take trips and buy whatever she wanted is the perfect way for “Leo” to make it up to her.

God I hate money lol. It makes everything so easy but the distribution of it is ridiculously unfair. I hate the value we put on it, I hate how even though I don’t want to be I’m compelled to chase after it just to ensure a survivial. I hate capitalism.

What I love about season two is that it does not hold back on the surrealism this time. We are going all into it, with no prior instructions and as if we didn’t have enough to figure out we now have to contend with THIS! Mysterious talking logs and their guardians, a government official who monitors communication in deep space and a plea from a log to deliver the message!

The owls are not what they seem.

This phrase is The Giant’s second clue to Cooper! Don’t fret too much about this yet dear readers, this mystery is a long one and it will take us all the way to the end of the season so let’s pace ourselves.

I just want to share one of the funniest moments of this whole series to me. James, Donna and Maddy are hanging out and the game they’re playing is rockstar and backup singers. The thing that really sends me is that the song he sings literally goes, “just you/and i/just you/and i/together/forever” and the irony of it all as they all stare longingly back and forth at James kills me.

I know it’s cruel to laugh at someone in pain but the excuse she gives James after she flounces off in jealousy and then covering him in kisses is that “she’s tense!”

Poor Maddy was left in the living room, awkwardly listening to them kiss and James trying to calm her down when she gets a vision of BOB walking through Donna’s dining room and crawling towards her.

I really hate it when they end episodes with BOB lol. He’s got such an aura of menace around him, and that huge creepy grin he does…It’s so unsettling.

Favourite Looks

I’ll say this for Jerry Horne, he plays campy villain to the hilt! That faux cheerfulness and eagerness to try anything hides the fact that he’s actually a really terrible human being. He dresses to the nines and accessorizes liberally and him being a dandy allows him to get women hooked on heroin as he participates in sex trafficking.

Like in the previous episode, I am loving Audrey’s many nightgowns especially this one! It looks like the most luxurious thing and it falls so beautifully as she sashays around before threatening Emory. The absolute pinnacle of femme fatale.

Thank you for tuning in! If you have any feedback or tips or theories I would love to hear them. 🙂

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