Twin Peaks: The Man Behind the Glass

Whoops! I 100% forgot to do my weekly recap last week!!! It only occurred to me on Sunday when I got this nagging feeling that I was forgetting something. Yikes, my bad guys, sorry!

This episode opens up with Ronette freaking out in the hospital room, it seems that her IV drip was just water with dye in it and we find out that the killer has recently in Ronette’s room and left a letter underneath her fingernail like his previous two victims. Harry is absolutely bewildered how this could happen because Ronette has been under 24 hour guard, while Albert is firmly trying to disbelieve that the killer might not be human. Cooper does make a valid point as the letters were never made public and this is a very unique signature. (Yeah, I’ve been watching a lot of Criminal Minds.)

Cooper is trying to make a case for BOB being the true killer of Laura and Teresa Banks. So far Sarah Palmer, Maddy and him have seen BOB in visions and Ronette is the only person who has seen him physically. Albert is still on the fence about BOB as no one from “NASA to the DEA” has him in their database. If Ronette had not admitted to seeing BOB physically, Albert would probably have dismissed the whole thing as Cooper’s vivid imagination.

I think Albert’s character development is going to be interesting as season two begins to dive more into the supernatural. He is a man who is rigidly committed to his belief, logic and evidence and men like that usually snap when confronted with things that don’t align with their world order.

I don’t actually mind Donna’s investigation into what happened to Laura. It’s an interesting break from the main investigation as we actually learn what Laura was like and all of her little secrets that the cops might never uncover because they never thought to look. Let’s be real here, Donna is the head and heart of the investigative team lol Maddy and James are just along for the ride.

Since Donna doesn’t have all of the resources that the police department has she is left to chase any lead she can find. Taking over Laura’s Meals on Wheels route she discovers Harold Smith. Turns out Laura wanted Harold to get in touch with Donna if anything ever happened to her. He is a shut in and is unable to go outside. The reason he had contacted Donna was because he wanted her to place one of his orchids on Laura’s grave.

I get major creep vibes from him as Harold seems completely enamoured with Donna already. Like… she is in high school!!! Harold is a grown man!!!! But I guess this doesn’t matter in a town where the richest man has a teenage sex ring. Apparently he already knows so much about Donna because Laura told him all about her. Laura never mentioned Harold to anyone because she liked to keep him as a mystery and you know what I totally get it. Not Harold but Laura choosing him to keep him as a secret just for herself. There’s just something satisfying about it even if you are being dramatic for no reason.

I am totally justified by knowing that Harold is a creep because when Donna runs to his house after seeing Maddy and James kiss (I TOLD YOU, JAMES IS WEAK.) There, as she meanders around while Harold gets her a drink she finds Laura’s diary. So… that’s probably why he knows so much about Donna and not literally from Laura’s lips.

Leland shows up at the police station with some MAJOR tips for the case. He reiterates his story on how he knows “Robertson” from his summers at up at his grandfathers Pearl Lake house. He used to flick matches at Leland and ask him if he wanted to “play with fire, little boy.” Which echoes what Laura asked James when she was having a spell. I don’t know if they have stopped to consider just how old BOB would have to be if Leland knew him as a young boy.

It’s kind of crazy how he gave them such a helpful clue about BOB but in the end they have to arrest him for the murder of Jacques Renault because Jacoby remembered seeing Leland doing it when they were at hospital. This was all remembered by hypnosis and this honestly seems like the sanest choice this show has done so far.

We finally get to meet Richard Tremaine aka Dick from the deisgner mens department at Hornes Department store who is Lucy’s side man, today she is going to tell him that she is pregnant. He is a total dandy and absolutely in love with himself. I can’t help but like his character though, I think he has great comedic timing lol. It’s wild to me that Lucy has been cheating on Andy for THREE MONTHS and that the baby that they’re going to have was conceived on a display bed at Horne’s Department Store!!!

I want Ben to get his comeuppance so badly but not at Audrey’s expense! It’s so infuriating listening to Ben drag his daughter when Cooper is asking if he’s heard from Audrey while Audrey is getting shot up with heroin as revenge! Blacky isn’t the only one with an axe to grind, Jean Renault, brother to the late Bernard and Jacques is seeking vengence for them as well.

The One Armed Man returns! This time as an actual shoes salesman instead of suspect. Harry is looking for some new boots for the department but OAM spots a wanted photo of BOB and has a complete meltdown. He scuttles off to the washroom trying to inject himself with his medicine but unable to he seems to undergo a personality change and this guy is on the hunt for BOB.

Cooper remembers that OAM has also seen BOB before and when he rushes into the now empty bathroom he finds the dropped syringe and the Giant’s third clue: Without chemicals, he points.

I predict the next episode will be full of little snippy conversations between multiple characters as Leland Palmer getting arrested will be HUGE news. I’m also excited to see what Donna’s snooping reveals next! Do you have any predictions on what’s going to happen next? Let me know in the comments!

Favourite Looks:

I really miss Josie and her fabulous wardrobe on this show lol. Although to be honest, I have not watched season two in so long it’s like I’m watching it for the first time again so I sometimes become too engrossed on trying to figure things out lol.

I am going to say I do love Richard Tremaine’s blazer on blazer combo and little cigarette holder that he has. He is uber European for this tiny town but I like that he does what he wants.

I don’t LOVE Nancy (Blacky’s sister) outfit per se, but I love her overall look. I love her hair, I like the way the dress drapes over her body and the colour of it. She also is serving major face.

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