Twin Peaks: Laura’s Secret Diary

Going by this episode’s title I am hoping for a lot of revelations to be made from Laura’s secret diary. Although, knowing that this is a TV show we probably won’t get any answers until like halfway through the season. This episode I’m going to be concentrating on some of the choices are characters have made this episode. Some of these I’ve deemed to be character changing and others I believe that they will have great repercussions throughout the season.

All of this was sparked by Leland’s arrest in the previous episode. He made the choice to murder Jacques as he was motivated by the loss of his daughter. In contrast Ben chose to ignore Cooper’s inquiry into Audrey’s absence, as he has always ignored Audrey’s existence even when she’s there. It’s interesting two fathers and two very different feelings towards their own daughters.

Leland’s arrest is very divisive in the town as he is a prominent member whose daughter was beloved by practically everyone. There’s also the nature of his crime, he murdered the man he believed to have murdered his daughter. Even if Jacques didn’t kill her he still had sex with her while she’s underage. I think a lot of people wouldn’t lose sleep over someone like that getting killed. It’s distasteful, when you have to arrest someone you know and love because they committed a crime, especially when you understand their motivations behind it. But then that begs the question: are you a good/moral person if you uphold the law even if you feel that there isn’t true justice being done?

Of course Leland had the choice to not murder Jacques but then his other option was just to sit there with all of these unexplained questions about Laura’s murder and a resolution to some of those questions could be years in coming or they would never be answered at all. And that’s not even taking into account that the answers you may receive won’t be satisfying or as freeing as you hope they will be.

I guess if life is a series of choices, in the end it comes down to whether or not you can handle the consequences of your choices.

Donna has chosen to continue her investigation into Laura’s death with or without the help of Maddy and James. Motivated by Maddy and James’ infidelity she has no problem with letting Maddy think that perhaps she is seeing Harold romantically.

I’m going to choose to believe that she’s just playing him because even though she is going to his house of her own volition and packing a little picnic and making sure she looks cute and all that… her motivation is always steady. She wants to know all of Laura’s secrets, and I can’t help but feel that a little bit of it is tinged with some competitiveness as well. There hasn’t been a male character we’ve met yet (save the police department) that hasn’t become entranced by Laura.

As her best friend, I’m sure that could be a little bit much to take all the time and now that she’s gone, wanting to see if you had that same kind of allure. However, despite all that, it was still Harold who chose to read that sexually explicit passage in Laura’s diary to Donna. He knew exactly what he was doing, especially as he talks down Donna’s request to submit it to the police because he’s read it multiple times and there’s nothing incriminating in it.

This all feels like such a set up, especially when Donna asks him why Laura would leave her diary with him and he says that ~people leave their stories for him of the outside world and he keeps it all like a “living novel.” Barf. Of course he then extends the same offer to Donna and I have a really gross feeling that he’s going to be staring after Donna, panting as she tells him something just so she can get a swipe at that diary.

It honestly must have been days since Audrey has gone missing and the fact that Ben cares not a whiff until he stumbles onto Jean in his office and is presented with video proof of Audrey in trouble that he starts to take this seriously. But Ben is Ben and 90% of his decisions serve his interests first.

After manipulating the fact that Cooper cares so much for Audrey so that he gives into his (actually, Jean’s) demands of Cooper handing over the ransom money, I feel like Ben thinks this will get rid of all of his problems in one fell swoop. He knows that Cooper is an extremely capable agent so that he can take out Jean and anyone else at One Eyed Jack’s who was part of this kidnapping and he won’t even have to sacrifice the ransom and Audrey comes home!

It works and it brings up the question of whether or not choices that you are “forced” into really count as choices at all? Cooper must feel that he has no choice because he agrees to Ben’s plan to save Audrey. Going against all of his training he endeavours to rescue Audrey alone, with only one Bookhouse Boy to help him. He can’t even tell Harry what he’s up to and that has never happened before in the series.

There’s so many times in our lives where we feel we are forced into a decision due to other circumstances and this is one trope that will never die in the entertainment business. It’s frustrating as a viewer to see this because we know all the angles and they don’t so that’s hard to keep in mind sometimes ha.

Like how Harry chooses to believe Josie’s lie about her going to Seattle because she was scared of Catherine and Ben. Even though every instinct he has is questioning her repeatedly about her timely disappearance from the town, and new inheritance he lets himself get swayed by her new nightgown and all her proclamations of her love~

Love seems to be THE motivator in making decisions. Like Harry, it’s motivated Lucy and Andy into making some wrong decisions.

Since the reveal of her pregnancy, Andy has completely shut Lucy out but now he wants to get his sperm re-tested to see if he actually is sterile (which makes for a hilarious scene tbqh) but it’s so selfish of him to believe that Lucy will wait or be understanding of him changing his mind. Especially as he doesn’t let her know!!! He thinks that if reveals all of this in huge grand gesture it will immediately capitulate Lucy back into his arms.

All this is doing, is making Lucy even more incensed to the point where Cooper has to ask her what’s wrong. Yes, Lucy did make the choice to cheat on Andy with someone who had all the qualities she was looking for that Andy didn’t have. Now she’s pregnant and both the men in her life are supreme disappointments and that’s just a consequence of her ~choices.

Honestly, is there anything quite as satisfying as seeing someone who’s gotten away with making terrible choices get some sort of comeuppance? No there is not, that’s why seeing Hank get beat up by Josie’s associate (or cousin as she’s passing him off as) is perfect. Hank really thought that he could play Josie and get her committed to a blood pact but he underestimated Josie…

I’m really interested in Josie’s storyline. Is she some type of long form con artist? Who is Mr. Eckhart? This seems like A LOT to go through just for some land. Like Josie had to marry the original owner of the lumber mill, Andrew Packard, then murder him, then wait an appropriate amount of time before she can embark on a new relationship with the Sheriff no less, then wait and plan to kill some more people??? Nah it’s too much.

Anyways, thanks for tuning in! I appreciate the choices you’ve made. 😉

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