Twin Peaks: The Orchids Curse

Wearier than we’ve ever seen him, Cooper wakes up and does some yoga exercises to deal with the pain from his injury, while upside down he finally spies Audrey’s note which says she’s at One Eyed Jack’s. This changes the plans of Audrey’s rescue, because now that they know where she is they don’t have to meet Jean at the exchange point.

Cooper wisely keeps this information to himself when he gets the exchange location and ransom from Ben as, Ben is counting on Jean and Cooper to eliminate each other, with Hank coming in to make sure everyone is dead and to return Audrey to Ben with the ransom intact.

I feel like a lot of the stories we consume all boil down to rescue missions in the end. Whether they are traditional rescue missions like Cooper and Audrey or ones hidden behind other motives, rescue missions seem to be the highest character test. You may need some sense of athleticism and guile in order to plan and properly execute a successful rescue. You need emotional intelligence in order to talk your way out of a situation as well.

In the end if you are successful it gives you an instant badge of innate goodness and even if you fail the participant badge of bravery isn’t too shabby.

Of course with such tantalising “prizes” some people develop hero complexes and resolve to rescue people who might not need it nor even want it.

Bobby views himself as Shelly’s saviour and in a way he sort of is. He provided comfort and tried to protect her from Leo and found a way for her to escape him. Now though, he has taken it upon himself to force Shelly to keep Leo at home and take care of him in order to get that hefty insurance check. Yes the money would help her but to live with your abuser and have to take care of him like a baby??? NOPE.

To persuade Shelly that this is a good idea, Bobby wants his “cousin” Leo to have the best home care equipment available. In an effort to assauge Shelly’s fears that it will be hard to take care of him and to also placate any guilt she may be feeling.

Taking care of someone is one of the basic ways we rescue people every day. Nadine’s suicide attempt left her in a coma and when she came to, she believed she was still a senior in high school. Ed has been instructed to play along with the ruse but Nadine’s crazy strength is still around. It’s kind of funny how she’s got such inhuman strength when she believes herself to be just a 17 year old girl, a possible peer of Laura’s or a victim like Laura if the timing was all different.

I personally feel that Donna is on a rescue mission to save Laura’s diary from that creep Harold even if it’s not supposed to come off that way. Harold has no business keeping hold of it or lording it over Donna so that she has to tell him her whole life story while he has to read the diary to her and it can’t leave his house.

Donna is more hands on with her planning approach as she manages to grab it and run out the door, trying to see how far Harold is able to go outside. Not very far it seems, thankfully even though she has to pretend to apologize to him and care for him now that he is distraught by the outside oxygen.

Later that night she sets a plan with Maddy to retrieve the diary once and for all but James might become either a wrench in their plans or their rescuer.

For that trio it all boils down to Laura who needed rescuing but didn’t want it.

A lot of people go into rescue missions believing that it ends when you actually rescue someone they fail to realise that that is only the first step in their mission, the next is the getaway.

Tune in next time to see if everyone makes it out!

Favourite Looks:

I love Nancy’s fancy evil cowgirl looks lol. I don’t even know where her and Jean even come from but they pull off Texas villain so stylishly.

Do not be fooled by this simple look! I am in love with Shelly’s velvet skater dress. It’s so classic and timeless. She was such a vibe this whole episode.

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