Twin Peaks: Demons

Last episode ended with all of our favourite characters on the brink of escape from their respective rescue missions, this episode will see whether or not they are successful in their missions as well as the repercussions from the decisions they have made.

I will say that Donna’s plan wasn’t too shabby, she did some moderate research and she might have been able to pull it off if she had waited a few more days to fine tune it and make sure that Maddy was going to be confident in her part. I mean it’s wild ridiculous to expect someone who’s not really here for this plan in the first place to figure out a hidden mechanism for a secret compartment on a bookshelf you just found out about like three hours ago.

James arrives just as Harold lunges at the two girls, whether he meant to hurt them or just take the book from them it’s up to your interpretation. Personally I think he was aiming for getting Laura’s diary back by any means necessary. He might not have wanted to hurt them but he would without blinking if he feels like he has too.

The wild thing is after all of this Donna was not able to retrieve Laura’s diary!! As we’ve seen not every rescue mission is successful but not all is lost. Once again bonding over trauma, things are back in the upswing with Donna and James again!

Maddy’s face during this scene absolutely breaks my heart. She has completely dropped out of existence for James and Donna. Literally the definition alone in a crowd lol. And three is a crowd. What makes this even more painful is at this moment Maddy also needs comforting as well. She too was going through that same experience and she’s not doing okay but nobody cares to ask.

I think as a society we’ve hammered politeness and minding our own business in so much that saying you want someone to ask how you are and care for you is seen as selfish. Especially when we know that other people are also going through it as well. It’d be rude to be an imposition and rudeness is a bad trait and if you have bad traits you are therefore a Bad Person. And who wants to be that?

I think the reason why it’s so hard to say you want someone to check in on you for a second is because the words are literally foreign in our mouths. How often do we order these words into this question? Our tongues aren’t used to moving this way that’s why they trip over the consonants and they feel strange in our throats.

Likewise it’s a foreign concept when you are on the receiving end. What’s the protocol? After asking if they’re fine what else do you do? What if you’re not equipped for this job? What if you make it worst? What’s the appropriate amount of prying? After all you don’t want to be seen as nosy because that is rude and rudeness is a bad trait and if you have bad traits you are therefore a Bad Person. And who wants to be that?

I’m not sure what the solution is, bravery I guess? Navigating the prison that politeness sometimes is? I don’t know, so I guess until then we’re all going to be alone in the crowd and the closest we ever get to intimacy with someone is pressed palms against a pane of glass.

Cooper, Harry and Hawk were successful in their rescue mission of Audrey from Jean and Blacky. While Audrey is going through withdrawal, Harry and Cooper piece together Jean’s plan of luring him to his death. Cooper is visibly shaken by this as he reveals that his actions have brought someone harm simply because he did what he felt was best. It goes against his professional code even though as Harry says, he was right in the end. Audrey was in trouble and now she’s safe and not going to die of a heroin overdose.

Nearly closing out the Successful Rescue triangle, (Cooper got Audrey, evil plan was revealed/closure) Cooper relays the details of Audrey’s torture and kidnappers. Ben does a terrible job of masking ignorance of what One Eyed Jacks even is, his primary concern is his ransom returned in full. Thankfully, Cooper spoils Ben’s mood by letting him know that Jean Renaud had escaped, and what happens next seems to be Ben’s problem now.

Bobby and Shelly’s “rescue” of Leo from jail seems to be going swimmingly, until it isn’t. Nobody has lost more out of this deal than Shelly who wanted him to go to jail so she could be truly free of him in the first place. Young and naive Bobby hasn’t yet clocked in how expensive medical care is, probably because his parents still deal with all of that. Shelly was only convinced of this plan because she was counting on getting $5000 a month and now all she is receiving is $600 after multiple taxes and fees. To make matters even worst, Leo doesn’t seem to be as sentient as professionals claim. It sucks, Shelly was almost free but now she’s trapped more than ever.

Whether botched or successful, these rescue missions were only the first part in our characters continuing journeys. More insight into who and what BOB is, is revealed by the capture of Phillip Gerrard, a mild mannered shoes salesman who is an unwitting host for MIKE. Originally, BOB was MIKE’S familiar, but once Mike was “rescued” by God, he decided to try and stop BOB from killing and harvesting people’s fear.

So BOB is definitely a spirit, and the form that we’ve seen him in is his true self. The question now is, who was BOB’s host the night he killed Laura?

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