Twin Peaks: Lonely Souls

You guys, this episode is m a j o r!!!!!!!!! This is only episode 7/22 but it feels like an explosive season finale cliffhanger episode. The kind of thing one puts on when you feel like you’re about to be cancelled. In a way, this episode kind of marks the beginning of the end for its original run. Following the events in this episode viewers started to lose interest, the time slot for the show was moved around and then put on a hiatus.

I find this episode to have so many heartbreaking moments, as our characters find themselves dealing with the consequences of their actions or having their loved ones deal with it for them. This episode is one of the more uncomfortable ones to sit through because it’s so violent and it touches on the sexual abuse endured by Laura.

In the end of Demons we learn from MIKE that BOB is a spirit that inhabits a human host to carry out his desires for murder and rape. MIKE’s human host, Philip Gerrard, usually takes a drug cocktail to subdue MIKE from taking over. However during his recent visit to the police station to sell Sheriff Truman some new shoes, he sees BOB’s wanted poster and it triggers MIKE to emerge. Philip was unable to inject his medicine to regain control over his body and under questioning from Cooper revealed that BOB was wandering around a “house made of logs with similar rooms but inhabited by different souls, every day.”

This led them to take MIKE over to the Great Northern where all of the guests were summoned before him and he would indicate whether or not they were BOB. This proves to be an incredibly taxing ordeal for him as MIKE shows obvious signs of distress and eventually collapses just as Ben Horne comes to find out why his guests are being harassed.

While Cooper and Harry are at the Great Northern, Hawk has been sent to interview Harold Smith and see if Donna’s story about Laura’s secret diary checks out. Unfortunately for Hawk, he arrived too late as Harold has hung himself and destroyed his home. They do manage to salvage a few pages of her diary and learn that Laura has mentioned BOB several times throughout where he molests and abuses her, and he is also mentioned as a “friend of her Lelands. In another damning entry the manage to piece together Laura says that she will one day tell everyone the “kind of man” Ben Horne really is.

Audrey already has an idea of what kind of man Ben is having been treated with indifference by him her whole life. Being held captive at One Eyed Jacks showed a horrifying side of Ben that he kept hidden. At first when Audrey is questioning him he tries to feign innocence until she brings up the fact that she was the girl in the white nightgown with the white mask.

Ben admits that he has owned One Eyed Jacks for the past five years and knew that Laura worked there. He also admits to have slept with her, a fact which horrifies and breaks Audrey’s heart. When she finally manages to voice the question whose answer she fears most, whether or not Ben killed Laura, he just stares at this photo of Laura on his desk, (seriously what the fuck?) and says that he did not kill her, that he in fact loved her.

Audrey’s face in this scene is so sad. She always knew that Ben prefered Laura over her and she had no idea why, but then to also hear him confirm that he loved Laura whereas she can’t remember the last time he said the same to her? Ben is DISGUSTING.

I’m so glad that Audrey did the right thing and went to Cooper to tell him all that she had learned even though I think it was partially motivated out of revenge against Ben. He deserves it though. Hearing this piece of information from Audrey, coupled with Laura’s diary entry Harry issues a warrant for Ben’s arrest.

Ben is in the middle of renegotiating his precious Ghostwood Estates deal with Mr. Tajimura, a Japanese businessman who has appeared out of nowhere with a 5 million dollar cheque for the contracts. Just as Ben is about to sign, Cooper, Harry, Hawk and Andy bust in. Ben foolishly tries to make a run for it rather than go quietly. This will certainly change the tone of his future business dealings…

Since Mr. Tajimura is actually revealed to be Catherine Martell!!! She has been presumed dead in the fire but like a phoenix she rises!! I bet what she has planned for Ben (and Josie) will be delicious.

In a small town news of death, especially suicide travels at lightning speed. I don’t know when Donna hears the news but it shakes her badly. Donna feels that she is partially responsible for Harold’s death as his whole life was in that house and she came in and violated it. While that is true, Harold also manipulated her into spending more time with him and forced intimate situations upon her based on information he heard through Laura.

I agree with James that it wasn’t Donna’s fault Harold killed himself. Even if, as Donna says he was a sad person and didn’t deserve to have that happen to him. Which, I’ll grudgingly agree is true. He really didn’t deserve to die but I don’t think he is as blameless or helpless as Donna feels.

I would say that Bobby AND Shelly are dealing with the consequences of keeping Leo but really it’s only Shelly that has to deal with them. Even Bobby himself is trying to disentangle himself from the mess, telling Shelly that right now he’s missing home ec and that he can’t keep lying to his parents that he’s sleeping over at a friend’s house. Pathetic.

After all of Shelly’s bills and expenses she’s left with 42$ to get through the month! And because Leo needs round the clock care, Shelly has to quit her job at the Double R Diner. It’s so sad to see her crying and having to say goodbye to her only friend and truly her home. The Diner was the one place she could escape Leo and be her fun, vibrant self and Norma was always there to be kind to her and just treat her with tenderness. Now she is stuck in this unfinished home where she was regularly abused, forced to look after her abuser and becoming even MORE destitute?!

I feel sad for Norma too, because her good for nothing ex is back and now her confidant has to go. Both her and Shelly truly have terrible taste in men because who decides to come waltzing in right at this very moment? Ed with Nadine of course. Nevermind the fact that the only reason why Ed got together with Nadine in the first place is because he believed a rumour about Norma and Hank. Nevermind the fact that throughout their affair he led her to believe that he would also be leaving his wife to be with her. Nevermind after all that he has no consideration for her broken heart (that he has broken, countless times!!!) and takes his WIFE to her restaurant. The sheer audacity.

Ed’s whole life is a consequence of his actions lol. He’s stuck with a girl he doesn’t love and feels obligated to be with her because he shot her eye out lmao. Also, because all Nadine ever did was love him when he was in love with Norma, he didn’t care that she was slowly spiralling into depression until she tried to take her own life.

Since waking up from her coma, Nadine appears to have mentally regressed to 17 years old and has developed freakish strength. I honestly have no idea where the whole storyline of her strength goes or how it all ends up but I think it just ends up being one of those “things” that is unique to Twin Peaks only.

Speaking of Twin Peaks “things” nothing is quite as Twin Peaks as the Log Lady. She appears just as they bring Ben down to the station, telling Cooper and Harry that the owls are at the Roadhouse, and something is going to happen.

While the Log Lady escorts them to the Roadhouse, something has happened to Sarah Palmer as she crawls down the stairs, murmuring for Leland. Just before she passes out a white horse appears.

Sarah isn’t the only one with visions as halfway through the concert, the Giant once again reappears to Cooper and tells him that “it’s happening again.”

And then the world is yanked out from under us as it is revealed that it’s Leland Palmer who is possessed by BOB.

I remember the way my stomach dropped the moment I saw this. The ramifications of this. That Laura was molested and murdered by her own father. I wonder if she saw BOB or Leland when it was happening to her, I hope she saw BOB even though he’s terrifying. I think it would be even more horrifying if she saw that it was her own father that was doing these horrible things to her and Laura has suffered enough.

The next few scenes are chilling. Since Maddy told her uncle Leland and aunt Sarah that she was going back home and back to her own life the next morning this triggered BOB into being again. BOB, like so many other predatory men, was obsessed with Laura. With Maddy’s uncanny resemblance to his favourite victim he couldn’t resist another chance to inflict terror upon her.

There is one small, tiny instance when Leland seems to reclaim a part of himself again, where he can sense the grotesqueries going on and he cries for Laura before BOB takes over once again.

Like any true serial monster, can’t resist signing his work.

While Maddy slowly dies, those closest to Laura seem to get that awful feeling again. The feeling they had when they learnt that Laura died, that sudden break from their old life and being thrown into yet another new one, only now with another person gone from their life.

It’s achingly sad that Maddy had to die and to die like that. She came to Twin Peaks to mourn her cousin and take care of her aunt and uncle. Then she was drawn into a love triangle, participated in schemes that caused a man to have a heart attack and another to kill himself. She fell in love but for a boy that was with someone else and who only liked her because she looked like her cousin. When she was finally about to go back to her own life and being happy to do so, the chance was robbed from her.

Now that we, the audience know it was Leland, and I suspect that Maddy’s death will free Ben from prison, it’s only a matter of time now before Leland is caught and then I wonder how will the town react to this news?

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