Twin Peaks: Drive With a Dead Girl

I think after I said that episode seven felt like a season finale episode I honestly didn’t expect this episode to be just as action packed. Which is really dumb of me as Twin Peaks has proven to me time and time again that it can only get creepier (and weirder) from here. Besides, how naive can I sound when it was revealed that LELAND is possessed by BOB!!!! And he killed Maddy so that’s another dilemma that will have to be solved.

Leland being revealed as a serial killer and abuser is shocking when you remember him the way he’s been portrayed all throughout season one. His grief is all encompassing, eventually driving him to kill a man he believed murdered his daughter. If any guy “never seemed the type” it’s Leland Palmer.

But if you really think about it, Leland was Ben’s lawyer. The same Ben Horne who is not above cheating and murdering to satisfy his own business interests and who has no problem with molesting underage girls he inducts into his own personal sex ring. Even if Leland didn’t know about Ben’s lust for Laura, he surely must have been privy to all of Ben’s other dirty secrets. It’s basically Leland’s job to keep Ben out of prison and to make sure he gets what he wants.

Then you think about how in Laura’s diary, her chronicles of the abuse have gone on for years and Theresa Banks, the first victim, was only murdered a year before Laura. Also, the fact that Theresa was a teenage prostitute also implicates that Leland cheated on Sarah and like Ben shared the same predilection. Just how long has BOB been possessing Leland? And how much of Leland’s behaviours can be attributed to BOB?

The episode picks up the very next morning. Leland was already a little unhinged after murdering Jacques, but since he/BOB murdered Maddy Leland is completely gone. At this point it seems like it’s just BOB masquerading as Leland to get through his minor interactions with other people.

His bizarre behaviour has upticked and is completely unrestrained at this point. Donna and James found him golfing early in the morning when they came to say goodbye to Maddy, and then later on Leland makes a pit stop (en route to getting rid of Maddy’s body) at the Great Northern for a little song and dance routine!!!

It is there that Harry breaks the news to him that they have arrested Ben Horne for Laura’s murder. Leland goes through a moment of shocked grief and confusion but whether or not he’s capable of feeling anything “normally” is up in the air. His odd behaviour is accepted as normal, except by Cooper who has always shown a sensitivity to the supernatural who suspects something is amiss.

He interrupts BOB’s private moment of glee at having pinned Ben as the murderer, and even though he’s feeling confident at this moment he knows that Cooper senses something isn’t adding up, but he can’t currently pin his finger on it and BOB knows that his next target needs to be Coop for self preservation.

As MIKE said, BOB is motivated by all things pleasurable (and fear) but now that he has seemingly gotten away with murder (again!!!) he’s throwing complete caution to the winds and getting reckless. When he gets pulled over by Harry and Cooper, he even goes so far as to insist that Cooper take a look at his new golf clubs, which lay on top of Maddy’s corpse!!!! At the last second, Harry and Cooper are called back to the station but in that second Cooper turns around, BOB is ready to whack him over the head with the club!! His luckiness reminds me of Jeffrey Dahmer. He too was driving around with a victim in the front seat and was stopped by the cops.

Back at the police station, Lucy has returned from her visit to her sister and in lieu of souvenirs she’s brought back guests! There is no way that this baby is actually Lucy’s because we just found out that she’s pregnant but I’m not going to lie, I did pause a bit and think lol. She wears a lot of baggy sweaters!!!!

[Also, side note: Hawk’s face in the second frame always makes me laugh because it’s directly after he informs Lucy’s sister that “some of his best friends are white.” In response to her saying to him, “God, I almost hate us white people after all we’ve done to you.”]

Andy definitely thought the same thing I did when he encounters Lucy with a baby boy in her arms, so much so that he faints! When he comes to he tells Lucy about his recent medical discoveries, such as his sperm are now rejuvenated again and he could possibly be the father of her baby. Which he thinks the little boy is until Lucy’s sister informs him that Lucy is just his aunt. Whether or not Lucy is still pregnant is up in the air. I don’t think he is though, isn’t “visiting my sister” usually code for “going to get an abortion”?

After Bobby’s first scheme of using Leo to claim a fortune in insurance money doesn’t go as planned, instead of doing something productive to help out Bobby has jumped into his next scheme: blackmailing Ben Horne.

In one of Leo’s work boots he found a tape that Leo had made recording his conversation with Ben and how he wanted Leo to commit arson and murder. As Bobby, Shelly and Leo have fallen into family sitcom tropes, Shelly is the underappreciated, long suffering wife dealing with a tempermental, awful child while Bobby does nothing but scheme and fail.

I hate how alone Shelly must be feeling right now. Trapped and with no one to talk to. Her and Norma really got each other through shit and made it just a tiny bit bearable. Norma is going through her own stuff at the moment as her good for nothing husband has been “late” for FORTY EIGHT HOURS.

To compound matters, her mother has rolled into town and she’s incredibly hypercritical disguised as caring. Every compliment is backhanded, the worst is always assumed and Norma is tense enough as it is. I love how bluntly she asks how long her mother is going to stay, and thankfully it’s only going to be a few days because she’s currently on her honeymoon with her new husband. Norma immediately picks up sketchy vibes from him and when they are all out to dinner that night, it’s revealed he was in jail with Hank!

Hank is overjoyed at seeing the “Professor” again. Ernie has completely concealed his past from Vivian and hopes Hank will help him keep up the lie. Hank, who loves being a criminal is convinced that Ernie must be working some kind of angle, as Vivian has lots of money. When Ernie insists that he’s a changed man, there’s a gleam that comes to Hank’s eye, and I feel that he has already come up with a plan that exploits Ernie.

If Ben wasn’t currently behind bars I’m sure he would have found a way to shoehorn himself into Hank’s latest plot. Thankfully he is, and with his own lawyer currently charged with murder as well, Ben turns to his brother Jerry. Jerry’s been disbarred from several states, barely passed the bar exam to begin with and graduated at the bottom of his class. No wonder he has to lie and cheat just to stay in business because he makes terrible decisions out of loyalty.

Ben gets even more terrible news in jail when Pete comes to visit him with a little message from Catherine. Seeing as how Ben didn’t murder Laura, his only alibi supposedly died with Catherine. Now that she’s slowly making her vengeful return to Twin Peaks, she’s absolutely relishing holding the alibi over his head. All it’s going to cost him is his precious Ghostwood Estates.

When MIKE is brought to ascertain whether or not BOB had ever inhabited Ben it’s a negative and even Cooper agrees. Harry, being partially motivated by his belief that he is the reason for Josie’s abrupt departure from town, (he’s half wrong) and also probably just having had had it with all of the supernatural stuff that they can’t explain and how it jerks them from one suspect to the next. Ben Horne is right there, and the evidence makes sense and deep at its core Ben is just a BAD PERSON anyways so what’s the harm in locking him up?

Cooper gracefully acquiesces, allowing the fact that perhaps he had become too focused on one path to justice and overstepping his bounds. However, just when it finally seems like the murder of Laura Palmer might get some closure they receive a terrible call…

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